Pao de quejo Pao de quejo Pao de queijo has been around for hundreds of years. (Photo: Ilana E. Strauss)

Watch chef Rachel Binder make irresistible Brazilian cheese bread

Discover the gluten-free Brazilian cheese rolls that are becoming popular in the U.S.

Pao de queijo may be uncommon in the U.S., but these cheesy rolls are so popular in Brazil that pastry chef Rachel Binder calls them the bagels of Brazil. They're naturally gluten-free (like so many tasty baked goods nowadays), and that's making Americans start to take notice.

Binder would know. She joined forces with Brazilian-born Marina Halpern to create Padoca Bakery in New York, a bakery that combines Israeli and Brazilian flavors to make unique (and delicious, we can say from personal experience) desserts and savory foods.

Here, Rachel lets us in on her personal pao de queijo recipe.


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