Israeli breakfast spread Israeli breakfast spread The magnificent spread that is the Israeli breakfast. (Photo: dominique bergeron / Flickr)

8 scrumptious breakfasts from around the world

These elaborate morning meals will change the way you think about breakfast.

Scrambled eggs, pancakes, bacon, potatoes or ... baba ghanoush?!

Sure, you could always go to your regular breakfast spot and order the usual; or, you could branch out and explore the many diverse foods that are found across the globe. Here are some of the most unusual — and totally delicious — options:

Filipino breakfast

Filipino Breakfast Breakfast in the Philippines includes garlic rice, meats, eggs and various fruit. (Photo: Ekatrina Pokrovsky/Shutterstock)

A typical breakfast in the Philippines features rice, meat, eggs and fruit. Top that off with some fresh Barako coffee and you've got a well-rounded breakfast sure to satisfy for hours.

English breakfast

Full English breakfastA full English breakfast. (Photo: Joshua Resnick/Shutterstock)

Similar to the American breakfast, the full English breakfast boasts an array of mushrooms, sausages, baked beans, bacon, eggs and toast. Forget making it until lunch — this is a meal that will last the whole day. 

Indian breakfast

South Indian breakfastA traditional breakfast of southern India. (Photo: Milind Arvind Ketkar/Shutterstock)

Ah, the "uttapam." It's kind of like a pancake, but made with tomatoes, onions, and sometimes cabbage or mixed vegetables. Uttapam is usually served beside a lentil stew ("sambar") and a chutney. In South India, breakfast is often served atop a banana leaf. 

Israeli breakfast

Israeli breakfastSeveral dishes comprising the Israeli breakfast. (Photo: Or Hiltch/Flickr)

The Israeli breakfast spread fills an entire table with any or all of the following: fresh juice, breads, olives, jam, Israeli salad, shakshuka, tahini, hummus, baba ghanoush, plus a variety of cheeses. This meal will definitely last you until lunch (because it will likely take you that long to try everything!).

Thai breakfast

Thai breakfastSour fish and rice. (Photo: ampol sonthong/Shutterstock)

The Thai breakfast varies, but usually features a meat (or fish) and rice combination. Even better, it's seasoned with the most effective metabolism booster Asia has to offer: curry! 

Mexican breakfast

Mexican breakfastChilaquiles with eggs. (Photo: sharyn morrow/Flickr)

Take a typical Mexican lunch, add eggs and you've got breakfast. One popular Mexican morning meal is chilaquiles — fried tortillas simmered in a salsa or mole sauce with chicken, topped off with queso fresco and a side of beans. 

Moroccan breakfast

Moroccan breakfastBreakfast in Morocco, featuring several types of bread. (Photo: Debraj Ghosh/Flickr)

For those of us who use breakfast as a great excuse to overload on carbs, the Moroccan breakfast is perfect. With several bread options, butter, cheese and a variety of jams and chutney, what's not to love about this sweet and savory selection? 

Vietnamese breakfast

Vietnamese breakfastCháo, a Vietnamese meat porridge eaten for breakfast. (Photo: Preecha Apichaisuksakul/Shutterstock)

Vietnamese breakfasts usually feature some kind of steamy goodness in a bowl — be it Pho (a noodle soup with meat and veggies), Bun (meat and veggies served atop vermicelli noodles), Xoi (sticky rice with a variety of toppings) or Cháo (also known as Congee, a rice porridge with meat or seafood). No matter what fills your bowl, we have one word for you: Yum.


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8 scrumptious breakfasts from around the world
These elaborate morning meals will change the way you think about breakfast.