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7 recipes that remind us why we all love pasta so much

Go nuts for noodles with these fantastic dishes.

We all have our own relationship with pasta. For some, it's a relationship of restraint and the occasional indulgence; for others it's one day a week, with a side salad; and for the rest of us, well, it's dinner.

No matter the shape, flavor or quantity, there's no denying that pasta is a universally beloved dish, and one that seems endless in its varieties and uses. Here are seven of our favorites, brought to you by the Israeli Kitchen.

Spaghetti with walnuts and herbed crumbs

Spaghetti with walnuts and herbed crumbsSpaghetti with walnuts and herbed crumbs (Photo: Miriam Kresh)

This perfectly cooked spaghetti is prepared with a nutty touch and just a little bit of crunch. And rather than a heavy sauce, Israeli Kitchen founder Miriam Kresh uses a simple olive-oil-based dressing to combine walnuts, herbs like parsley and basil, and a generous (but not over-the-top) helping of Parmesan cheese.

Get our Israeli Kitchen recipe for spaghetti with walnuts and herbed crumbs.

Vegetable lasagna

vegetable lasagnaThis is one lasagna that won't make you feel like you've just eaten the entire contents of your pantry. (Photo: Jerry James Stone)

No matter how you slice it, the thing about lasagna is that it's filling. One serving, and you're rendered inoperative. But like so many recipes, this one by vegetarian chef and Israeli Kitchen contributor Jerry James Stone presents a much lighter, healthier version of the original, with a lot of fresh vegetables and a little cheese.

Get our Israeli Kitchen recipe for vegetable lasagna.

Angel hair pasta with mushroom alfredo

whole wheat angel hair pasta with alfredo sauce and mushroomsWhole-wheat pasta and a lower-fat alfredo sauce turn this notoriously unhealthful dish into a manageable, nutritious meal. (Photo: Sarah F. Berkowitz)

Alfredo. It might be the creamiest dish in existence. But it's ... just ... so ... good! When will we find a way to eat alfredo without the glutton and guilt? How about right now?

Using whole grain pasta and cutting down on the fat in the alfredo sauce take this dish in a healthier direction. And the mushrooms, onions and garlic all provide wonderful vitamins, so pile ‘em on.

Get our Israeli Kitchen recipe for angel hair pasta with mushroom alfredo.

Turkey pastrami and orzo salad

turkey pastrami orzo saladThis salad has enough to please both the veggie lovers and the meat-and-potatoes crowd. (Photo: Sarah F. Berkowitz)

You like the idea of having a salad for dinner. But actually making it happen is another story. Salad can be more than just throwing a bunch of different vegetables into a bowl; you can throw lots of other foods in there too, and still call it salad! What makes this salad special, specifically, is a unique cumin-flavored dressing with a little heat and a whole lot of flavor. And the use of orzo pasta – a variety used frequently in soups – is another inventive touch.

Get our Israeli Kitchen recipe for turkey pastrami and orzo salad.

Lemon leek pasta

lemon leek pastaPasta dishes don't have to be heavy and fattening. (Photo: Sarah F. Berkowitz)

Lemons and leeks: we're willing to bet those aren't the first two things that come to mind when you're thinking about having pasta for dinner. But trust us: this is a winner in the pasta department. In this case, Israeli Kitchen contributor Sarah Berkowitz was looking for a family-friendly pasta dinner that wasn't mac and cheese (her daughter is a vegan) but that the remaining omnivores in her brood would endorse. This one fits the bill – plus, it can be health-ified easily with whole-wheat or high-fiber pasta.

Get our Israeli Kitchen recipe for lemon leek pasta.

Rice and vermicelli noodles

Rice and vermicelli noodlesRice and vermicelli noodles (Photo: Miriam Kresh)

Ever wonder what's really in those tin-wrapped seasoning packets that come with packaged foods like Rice a Roni and Ramen? We do, too, and we have an educated guess – salt, salt and more salt. You don't need it! We prefer this simple, cozy dish that happens to be served in many places that Kresh, our Israeli Kitchen founder, has frequented in her home country of Israel. This cozy contrast of steamed white rice and golden noodles is the perfect side dish, a certified win for the picky eaters in your life.

Get our Israeli Kitchen recipe for rice and vermicelli noodles.

Cheesy shells with vegetables

cheesy pasta shells with basil and vegetablesTake your mac and cheese up a notch. (Photo: Sarah F. Berkowitz)

We can't decide whether to call this mac and cheese for grownups or pasta primavera for kids. Either way, this is a universally pleasing pasta dish that packs your veggies right in with your carbs. What's more, this is one of those one-pot pasta dishes that are all the rage right now: less mess, less time, more enjoyment!

Get our Israeli Kitchen recipe for cheesy shells with vegetables.


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7 recipes that remind us why we all love pasta so much
The universal appeal of pasta is undeniable. These 7 pasta recipes prove there's more to the noodle than spaghetti with marinara.