chilled veggie grain salad chilled veggie grain salad This is a great salad for entertaining or bringing to picnics. (Photo: Jerry James Stone)

6 simple vegan meals anyone can make

For when Meatless Monday becomes Meatless Everyday.

"It's so easy to find dinner options wherever I go," said no vegan ever, save perhaps one or two in vegan-friendly cities. And while lots of grocery stores have enough soy grounds and imitation cheese to get you through the week, you don't always feel like preparing a complicated meal.

Luckily, you don't need a culinary degree or an hours-long time commitment to make simple, yet delicious meals from plant-based ingredients. Here are six recipes by vegetarian food blogger and Israeli Kitchen contributor Jerry James Stone to get you started:

Butternut squash and chickpea stew

chickpea and butternut squash stewSome of the best stews in the world are meatless. (Photo: Jerry James Stone)

Sure, when we think "stew," many of us think it should be preceded by "beef." But this stew is as hearty as stews get without using meat. Chickpeas are the key here – and whattaya know, they've found the perfect pair in this slightly sweet, satisfyingly smooth butternut squash.

Read our recipe here.

Chilled veggie grain salad

Chilled Veggie Grain SaladMany different greens will work with this salad, so just pick up whatever your local farmers market has. (Photo: Jerry James Stone)

This salad blends grains and vegetables in the best way possible. And now, with springtime in our midst, this is a great way to make the most of your farmers market's spring selection. Stone, for this salad, chose asparagus, peas and peppers, but you can use your own creativity when deciding which veggies you use.

Read our recipe here.

Black bean and corn salad

Black bean and corn salad.Black bean and corn salad: a taste of the Southwest right on your plate. (Photo: Jerry James Stone)

Whether you're smack in the middle of corn season or just in the mood for a quick, easy meal, this simple salad is a perfect choice. You can use canned corn in this recipe, but we prefer fresh, right-off-the-cob kernels for an extra-fresh flavor.

Read our recipe here.

Loaded tomato soup

tomato soupTomato soup is a versatile food that's easy to dress up. (Photo: Jerry James Stone)

Vegans love pasta. Heck, we all do. But you know what we don't love? That heavy, overstuffed feeling we get after we eat an entire bowl of pasta. This soup recipe solves that with ease. It's called "loaded," but we promise you won't get that paunchy pasta feeling afterward.

Read our recipe here.

Minestrone soup with Israeli couscous

Minestrone soup with Israeli couscous.Minestrone soup with Israeli couscous. (Photo: Jerry James Stone)

Many cooks use Israeli couscous in stuffed vegetable dishes and the like. But you might not be aware of how perfect it is in soups. This is what we call an "accidentally vegan" meal: a rich, hearty Italian-style soup enhanced by a light, pearly pasta, and one that's popular enough to make people forget they're eating vegan.

Read our recipe here.

Cucumber relish

cucumber relishCucumber relish can be used atop anything you would normally eat with pickle relish. (Photo: Jerry James Stone)

Put this one on your list under "Meatless Monday ideas." If you love a tightly packed falafel sandwich, full of crispy chopped vegetables and savory Mediterranean sauces, try this cucumber relish as a condiment to replace Israeli salad. We also recommend it as a topper for veggie burgers. Stone's personal favorite use for this relish is atop sliced tomatoes. "Simply slice a beefsteak tomato in half, top with the relish, some cracked pepper, and you are set!" he said.

Read our recipe here.


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6 simple vegan meals anyone can make
For when Meatless Monday becomes Meatless Everyday.