white chocolate strawberry pie white chocolate strawberry pie A little chocolate drizzle goes a long way. (Photo: Sarah F. Berkowitz)

6 aphrodisiac foods to get you in the mood

These passion boosters can help turn your day at the grocery into a night to remember.

Grocery stores may not turn you on, but they should. Some fruits and veggies are more sensual than a hot local anchorman playing jazz flute because plenty of foods can increase your libido. We've gathered together some popular aphrodisiac foods for your serious, serious pleasure.


pomegranate martiniAs far as we know, no one's ever tested the pomegranate martini for its aphrodisiac qualities, probably because it would break the sexiness meter. (Photo: Sarah F. Berkowitz)

There's something sensual about peeling open a pomegranate, revealing the tasty crimson jewels inside. But apparently, their aphrodisiac qualities are more than peel-deep.

Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh had men and women drink a cup of healthy pomegranate juice every night for two weeks. The scientists found that the participants produced more testosterone than usual, a hormone that's pretty important for sexual desire.

Olive oil

Olive oil and spices You can infuse olive oil with herbs, garlic, and flowers, just as this mix can infuse you with desire. (Photo: Floydine/Shutterstock)

No matter what the fashion industry says, fat gets your sexy juices pumping – your hormones, that is.

“You need fat to produce your hormones,” said Beverly Whipple, a professor at Rutgers University. “Cholesterol is metabolized in the liver, and you get your testosterone and estrogen, which you need for your sex drive.”

Good fat, like olive oil, nuts and salmon, are the best sources, and olive oil's our personal favorite. We like to think there are a few drops of warm Mediterranean Sea floating in every spoonful.


ginsengGinseng is often used to provide an energy boost and lower blood sugar. (Photo: tarapong srichaiyos/Shutterstock)

This woody Asian root has been used to keep the sexual dysfunction robots at bay for hundreds of years. It's long been an important herb in traditional Chinese medicine and has recently gotten popular in the west.

Laboratory studies suggest ginseng works on both humans and animals. The herb has been shown to enhance male performance and has led some to call it "nature's Viagra."


chocolate cake on plateWilly Wonka and his oompa loompas did more than just work. (Photo: Africa Studio/Shutterstock)

As you may have suspected, chocolate makes people feel good. It boosts serotonin, a key hormone for increasing both happiness and sexual desire, two things that are probably closely related, for obvious reasons.

Chocolate also contains phenylethylamine, a mouthful of a stimulant that, you know, stimulates you. Oh, and caffeine. And theobromine, another stimulant. Basically, this stuff is packed with chemicals that can turn on you and your neurotransmitters.


oystersOysters need a little love too. (Photo: gori910/Shutterstock)

The world may be your oyster, but your oyster might also mean the world to you. This classic aphrodisiac raises testosterone and estrogen, increasing both your sexual stamina and blood flow.

"For centuries, old wives' tales have said that eating raw mollusks – oysters in particular – would stimulate the libido but there has really been no scientific evidence as to why and if this occurs," said George Fisher, a Barry University professor who studied these dripping sex machines. "We think this could be the first scientific evidence of some substance."

Sauteed ginseng-chocolate-pomegranate pancakes

pancakesWhen you get to the front of the grocery line with these ingredients, wink at the cashier. He'll know what's going down. (Photo: Liesel Fuchs/Shutterstock)

We're pretty sure this stuff could get anybody hot and bothered. Laboratory studies are soon to be conducted ... by you. Bow chicka wow wow ...


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6 aphrodisiac foods to get you in the mood
6 aphrodisiac foods that can help you turn your day at the grocery into a night to remember.