A bottle of booze is a surefire hit for a Father's Day gift. A bottle of booze is a surefire hit for a Father's Day gift. A quality bottle of booze is a must at any holiday party. (Photo: Marcio Jose Bastos Silva/Shutterstock)

5 bottles under $20 for your holiday table

Add a bit more cheer to the season with these delicious wines.

With the holiday season upon us, it’s good to have a few affordable, go-to bottles of wines handy. Fortunately, we've picked a mix of bottles for you.

Lambrusco di Sorbara 'Rosa Rosae'

A bottle of Rosa Rosae wine

A sparkling wine is the perfect way to start the evening. It whets the appetite and gives guests something to sip on while they wait for the food to be served. This Lambrusco di Sorbara "Rosa Rosae" is the perfect primer. It's a rosé sparkler that is much lighter than your regular Lambruscos. It has nice berry notes, with a little bit of sweetness and bubbly-mouth feel. Serve it with some light charcuterie or cheeses, and even if your dinner is running way behind, everyone will be happy to wait while they drink. (Prices for around $8).

Vin de Savoie 'Abymes,' Dom. Labbé

A bottle of Vin de Savoie

The French have made some great wines to go with holiday meals. For a white wine, the Savoie region of France, where they grow a lovely grape called Jacquère, is the way to go. Grown in the French Alps, the varietal produces a wine that is high in acidity, with bright minerality and floral flavors. Traditionally served with fondue after a long day of skiing, it'll stand up to some of your heavier side dishes and will keep your palate refreshed throughout dinner. The Vin de Savoie "Abymes,"Dom. Labbé is a great choice at around $12.

Barkan Classic Pinot Noir

A bottle of Barkan Classic Pinot Noir

If you're serving fowl, go with a Pinot Noir. This lighter red is known for playing well with poultry, always helping it to shine. The Barkan Classic Pinot Noir hails from the emerging wine region of Israel, and is easy drinking at the dinner table. You’ll pickup a hint of berries, and soft tannins highlight the taste. The winemaker, Ed Salzburg, suggests it be served at a cool room temperature, so don’t be afraid to chill the bottle a little before serving. (Prices for around $12)

Weidmann & Groh 'Cydonia'

A bottle of Weidmann & Groh “Cydonia”

To add a bit more excitement to your holiday meal, branch out with cider. Just like wine, ciders can have many different expressions. From effervescent and dry, to sweet, aromatic and funky, apple offerings go great with food. They also usually have a lower alcohol content, so you can drink more and still keep your wits about you. Weidmann & Groh “Cydonia” is a great choice with tingly bubbles, a hint of citrus and quince, and a long, solid finish. This cider is well balanced, with only subtle sweetness and will fit in with a lot of dishes, but take a cue from the guys who import this stuff and work closely with the makers: “I would pair this with anything from sweet potatoes, to roasted vegetables, to cornbread stuffing,” John McCarroll of Rowan Imports told From The Grapevine. (Prices at about $19)

Quinta do Infantado Tawny Port

A bottle of Quinta do Infantado Tawny Port

Don’t just focus on the savory portion of your meal. The sweets deserve some pairing attention as well. For desserts, look towards fortified wines. These are wines that have been fortified with grain alcohol to improve their shelf life, like ports and sherries. For your pies, try Quinta do Infantado Tawny Port. It has a delicious nuttiness to it, along with hints of vanilla and raisins that will go well with any dessert that utilizes baking spices. If you’re new to fortified wines, don’t be afraid to take the plunge. This bottle prices out at about $17 and is sure to be a crowd pleaser at the end of the night.


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5 bottles under $20 for your holiday table
Add a bit more cheer to the season with these delicious wines.