fruitcake collage fruitcake collage Cooking with fruit can yield beautiful results. (Photo: Shutterstock/Flickr/Miriam Kresh/Sarah Berkowitz)

Holiday desserts: 5 cakes that use fruit in unusual and delicious ways

Let us help you prepare a cake that combines the best fruits, and that also looks scrumptious.

As the big, hearty meal concludes, the parade of holiday desserts commences.

Presentation goes a long way, especially around the holiday season. The fine recipe contributors at From The Grapevine's very own food channel, the Israeli Kitchen, have whipped up something of a virtual dessert table from which you're free to browse, borrow and create your very own unique fruit cake.

Pecan pear cake with maple glaze

pecan pear cake with maple glazePears, which often get lost in the fall apple fervor, are the perfect filling for this cake. (Photo: Sarah F. Berkowitz)

Pears are often viewed as the apple's less popular cousin, but in this recipe, they're second to none. A sweet, smooth maple glaze tops off this warm, festive pear cake that's made with whole-wheat flour, for a healthy kick, and coconut milk, for a dairy-free spin.

Apricot cake

apricot cakeApricots can be pre-cooked and frozen to use for future cobblers. (Photo: Miriam Kresh)

This apricot cake recipe resembles a cobbler in that it’s made of a quickly assembled batter topped with fresh fruit. But, unlike cobblers, this recipe doesn't require you to cook the fruit first. While this apricot cake may conjure images of summer Sunday mornings, this dessert is best served warm, and therefore perfect for satisfying those pesky fall and winter comfort-food cravings.

Date cake with orange glaze

Date cake with mandarin orange glaze, sliced to see inside. Date cake with mandarin orange glaze. (Photo: Sarah F. Berkowitz)

This cake doubles up on the fruit flavors with succulent dates baked in and a sweet mandarin orange glaze on top. For this multigenerational recipe from Israeli Kitchen contributor Sarah Berkowitz, she replaced white flour and butter with whole-wheat flour and oil to create a cake with a somewhat dense texture, complemented beautifully by the slightly tart glaze that echoes the flavors and colors of the holiday season.

Prune and chocolate loaf

Prune and chocolate breadA little chocolate goes a long way in this loaf. (Photo: Miriam Kresh)

Prune and chocolate? Recipe author Miriam Kresh wasn't sure either, but the results of this unlikely combination are out of this world. If you've got enough heavy, decadent pies and cakes on your table to last through Valentine's Day, this recipe yields a slightly lighter, less fussy dessert that pairs effortlessly with a hot cup of coffee.

Pineapple soufflé

pineapple souffleThis pineapple souffle is light, moist and absolutely delicious. (Photo: Sarah F. Berkowitz)

Speaking of light and less fussy, have you considered a soufflé for your next gathering? This recipe is gluten-free, easy to make, pleasantly fluffy and smooth, and it'll have your guests following you into the kitchen to find out where that amazing scent is coming from. (But don't let that dissuade you from baking this soufflé. Just tell them to sit down.)

Bonus: Fruitcake cookies

fruitcake cookiesPrettier than a fruitcake, and more fun. (Photo: I Believe I Can Fry/Flickr)

We like to call this the Plan B of baking. If, after all your fruitful efforts, someone at your gathering has an affinity toward traditional fruitcake, you can please them in the best way you know how – with cookies! These fruitcake cookies, aka "Christmas Lizzies," aren't Israeli Kitchen-certified, but we can tell they're a surefire hit with fruitcake lovers.


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Holiday desserts: 5 cakes that use fruit in unusual and delicious ways
Let us help you prepare a cake that combines the best fruits, and that also looks scrumptious.