Guiness cupcakes with Bailey's icing Guiness cupcakes with Bailey's icing Baileys was practically made for icing! Guinness & Bailey's cupcakes just makes sense. (Photo: Kamila Gornia / Flickr)

5 boozy desserts dad will love

You're getting him a bottle for Father's Day anyway. Why not splash a little in your cupcake batter, too?

Looking for a way to make Father's Day a little bit more exciting? Set aside the golf ball paperweight and get Dad a nice bottle of liquor to add to his liquor cabinet; and while you're in there, get inspired to create something tasty.

Whether your dad has a sweet tooth or a penchant for night caps, you'll surely make his day with these delicious recipes:

1. Spiked ice cream

Vanilla ice cream with boozy cherry sauceVanilla ice cream smothered in an alcohol-infused cherry sauce. (Photo: Kelly Garbato/Flickr)

We all scream for (alcohol-infused) ice cream! There are tons of questionable, strange ice cream flavors out there, but who can question adding a splash of booze? With store-bought options like craft beer ice cream, you can trust the pros and grab a pint for Dad, or try making your own spiked concoction.

Way easier to make from scratch than dairy ice cream, this variation on banana-cherry ice cream incorporates 1/3 cup of brandy in the cherry sauce. Check out the recipe here.

2. Whiskey-glazed cheesecake

Dulce de leche CheesecakeDulce de leche Cheesecake (Photo: Taylor Crockett/Shutterstock)

Surely Dad won't mind if we pilfer a bit of his whiskey for this rich and decadent dessert. The whiskey glaze in this recipe is worth bookmarking, a delicious mixture of dulce de leche and a splash of whiskey that can find a home atop any number of desserts!

3. Boozy ice pops

Homemade popsiclesSpike your homemade ice pops with something from Dad's liquor cabinet – he'll thank you during the afternoon heat on Father's Day! (Photo: Fotografiche/Shutterstock)

Father's Day is a summertime holiday for a reason – it's popsicle season! No need to stick with the boring, sugary kind. As we've previously asserted, popsicles aren't just for kids anymore, and Dad is no exception.

From Peach Bourbon Pops to Baileys Poptails, it's possible to make pretty much any of your dad's favorite drinks into popsicles – all you need is a few hours to let them freeze!

4. Baileys-boosted cupcakes

Guiness cupcakes with Bailey's icingChocolate Guinness cupcakes filled with a Jameson sauce and Baileys frosting – every part of these cupcakes is filled with booze! (Photo: Omid Tavallai/Flickr)

Channel Dad's inner Irishman with these clever cupcakes. Let's face it, Baileys was pretty much meant to become icing. Pour some Guinness into your chocolate cupcake batter and funnel in some Jameson into the filling and you've got yourself a cocktail cupcake like no other. Get the recipe here.

5. Drunken-raisin rice pudding

Rice pudding with drunken raisinsRice pudding with drunken raisins. (Photo: Tacar/Shutterstock)

Soak your raisins in practically any alcohol for a fun kick on a classic! Serve cold for summertime and enjoy this comfort food that adds an extra warm and fuzzy feeling.

Raise a glass, grab a spoon and say "Cheers!" to Dad this Father's Day!


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5 boozy desserts dad will love
You're getting him a bottle for Father's Day anyway. Why not splash a little in your cupcake batter, too?