This photo from the Chicago Food Authority had nearly 3,000 "Likes" on social media. This photo from the Chicago Food Authority had nearly 3,000 "Likes" on social media. This photo from the Chicago Food Authority had nearly 3,000 "likes" on social media. (Photo: Instagram)

10 tasty Instagram accounts to fire up your appetite

Perfect for hungry globetrotters, these photos will point you to the best dining spots in town.

These days, people are likely to turn to social media to help them decide where to go for dinner. And why not? As the old adage says, “you eat with your eyes first.” With Instagram, it’s certainly true.

Whether you’re looking for the latest dining hotspots in your hometown or are planning a food-oriented trip to some far-flung city, these culinary-minded Instagrammers will provide all the dining inspiration you could possibly need to eat well.

1. New York City @noleftovers

New York is packed with restaurants, big and small, crowded and sparse. Nary a week goes by without the city welcoming several new eating establishments and waving goodbye to a few old ones as well. Unless you follow the New York food news like a hawk, it’s kind of hard to keep up, and choosing the right spot in this town can be tricky. Rest assured, as New York dweller Jackie Gebel has an ear to the ground, and her mouthwatering food pics will steer you toward some fabulous places to dine.

2. Tel Aviv @telaveat

Tel Aviv’s exciting restaurant scene is part of growing gastronomic trend in Israel. The quality of the cooking and level of culinary innovation present here is every bit as good as that of great American dining towns like New York and Portland. The food-mad founders behind Tel Aveat want to help get diners acquainted with the metropolis' constantly evolving food scene through their website. If you don’t have time to properly browse the site or are looking for quick-fire suggestions of what to eat where, the scrumptious photos posted on their Instagram feed are an excellent resource.

3. Dublin @frenchfoodieindublin

If you want to get better acquainted with the top eating establishments in the Irish capital, there is no better person to gather advice from than the French Foodie. French-born Ketty Elizabeth, the brains behind this foodie account, has lived in Dublin for more than a decade. Keeping up-to-date with the best eating in the city is an essential part of her job – she runs her own food-themed website and operates food tours around town, too. Her gorgeous tabletop shots will have you drooling over your phone screen.

4. Los Angeles @mattatouille

Anyone who manages to shoehorn a food pun like "Mattatouille" into their Instagram username is already a must-follow in our book. Puns aside, there is another big reason to check out Matthew Kang’s feed. Kang is the LA editor of Eater, a well-known website devoted to all things dining and drinking in the city, so it’s safe to assume he’s got his finger on the pulse of the local food scene. His photos document all the delicious things that go into his stomach; geotags will show you where you can go to try them for yourself.

5. Bangkok (and beyond) @migrationology

Thailand is rightfully famous for its food, but if you are unfamiliar with Thai ingredients and dishes, it’s all too easy to feel at a loss as you wander the Bangkok streets on an empty stomach. Mark Wiens’ website,, is a great primer for hungry explorers hoping to get the most out of their travels in this region. Wiens travels quite a bit himself, which means his Instagram feed doesn’t just showcase Thai food but also food from the other Asian destinations. With captions explaining what you see in each picture, his feed is also a fantastic educational resource.

6. Barcelona @barcelonafoodexperience

Finnish native Maria eats her way around her beloved adopted home, Barcelona, for her food blog, sharing all her gastro insights with readers. She doesn’t write negative reviews, so if it’s on her feed, it’s because it is good. With tasty-looking images of everything from churros to croquetas to patatas bravas, those who scroll through this feed will inevitably find themselves daydreaming about Catalan cuisine.

7. Chicago @chicagofoodauthority

For Chicago food pictures of the highest order, there is no finer account than this one. The Chicago Food Authority Instagram feed is run by enterprising social media whiz Samantha Roby, who loves to eat out and share her delicious food finds with the online masses. Whether it’s glazed donuts, triple-layered cheeseburgers or oysters on ice, her terrific pictures ensure you’re going to want to eat whatever she just had.

8. Berlin @stilinberlin

Mary Scherpe is a go-to food and fashion account for her 21,500 followers, and she sure knows how to get stomachs grumbling. Whether it’s a pretty cappuccino paired with a simple pastry, or a more complex plate of food, her Instagram pictures are always appetizing. In fact, she manages to somehow make empty plates look good. Her adorable black-and-white dog, Nico, also makes an occasional appearance.

9. Montreal, @shutupandeatmtl

Not one for dieters, this Montreal-based blogger’s feed documents some of the most coveted and palatable dishes currently being served up in the Canadian city. The account includes a tantalizing mix of sweet and savory delights, from cupcakes to ramen. The Instagram captions and images give a teaser, while the blog offers more detailed write-ups and even more appetite-inducing pictures.

10. London, @clerkenwellboyec1

This London-based food critic sits at some of the hottest tables in town. From beautiful brunches to scrumptious snacks and multi-course dinners, he eats – and photographs – all that passes his lips, sharing the best of it with his food-loving followers. This is one account you won’t want to scroll through with an empty stomach.


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10 tasty Instagram accounts to fire up your appetite
Perfect for hungry globetrotters, these photos will point you to the best dining spots in town.