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Fun hummus dips that will make you the MVP of your Super Bowl party

Enjoy the chickpea explosion with a few creative hummus flavors on your party table for the Big Game.

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Cooking meals in one pot saves lots of time, hence its popularity among busy working adults.

Hate doing dishes? Cook it all in one pot, with these 7 recipes

These meals are a favorite among busy humans like you, and for good reason.

Gadot, who said she admires climate activist Greta Thunberg, tries to live a clean lifestyle.

Israeli Kitchen plans Gal Gadot's Meatless Monday menu

We decided to help the superstar channel her inner veg. Maybe it'll give you some ideas, too.

hummus three colors

Fun hummus dips that will make you the MVP of your Super Bowl party

Enjoy the chickpea explosion with a few creative hummus flavors on your party table for the Big Game.

To know its impact on our bodies and the environment, consumers are increasingly concerned with where their meals came from.

Food trends in 2020: If it's not sustainable, you're not eating it

A new Tastewise report shows that more than ever, consumers are concerned about the impact their food has on the environment.

Impossible Pork samples are displayed during an Impossible Foods press event for CES 2020 on January 6, 2020 in Las Vegas.

Plant-based Impossible Pork is coming to town

From the makers of the Impossible burger, the new lab-grown meatless pork product was unveiled this week at the Consumer Electronics Show.

Shabour's culinary team, with Granit front and center.

Israeli-owned restaurant is No. 1 in Paris after only 3 months

Shabour is drawing high praise from critics in a city that's unmatched in fine dining.

Diners sit outside a restaurant on Tel Aviv's Rothschild Boulevard in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Why Tel Aviv is becoming the greatest place to eat in the world

The accolades keep pouring in for the Mediterranean beach town that's bursting with culinary gems.

We went from big city residents to living in the woods in West Virginia.

My farm-to-table shakshouka journey

Having your own chickens – complete with a fresh, daily supply of eggs – is perfect for making this classic Israeli breakfast.

Odeya Rush has appeared in such hit movies as 'Lady Bird' and 'Dumplin.'

Actress Odeya Rush reveals her favorite Israeli foods

As her new movie, 'Let it Snow,' hits Netflix, Rush admits to some guilty pleasures: 'Cheese,' she said. 'I love cheese.'

Shrimp and Calamari at Uri Buri

Israeli seafood restaurant listed among world's best

Fresh fish and exquisite tasting menus draw hungry travelers to the renowned Uri Buri restaurant.

After visiting Israel many times since childhood, Adeena Sussman finally became a citizen in early 2019. She released her first solo cookbook, 'Sababa,' on Sept. 3.

The secret to the best Israeli food? It's all 'Sababa'

After co-writing 'Cravings' and 'Cravings: Hungry for More' with Chrissy Teigen, Adeena Sussman's first solo cookbook is a love letter to her home country.

SpareEat offers a selection of food boxes from participating restaurants.

A new app lets you buy unsold food from restaurants

SpareEat is a win-win for customers and businesses, co-founder Elie Fischer says.

Michal Klimberg (left) and Shir Halpern are launching Make Eat, a shared cooking space for small-scale chefs, in an old candy factory in Israel.

Move over, WeWork: Co-cooking spaces are having a moment

Two food entrepeneurs in Israel are turning an old candy factory into a huge workspace to help other fledgling food manufacturers grow their businesses. And they're not alone.

Mochikvah, a home-based mochi business in Tel Aviv, sells vegan and gluten-free mochi.

Meet mochi, the snackable ice cream treat of your dreams

It's a Japanese dessert that's taken the world by storm: Bite-sized ice cream wrapped in a sweet, doughy exterior.

lighthouse restaurant

Lighthouse restaurant: a beacon for the zero-waste movement

Owners of the Brooklyn eatery have mastered sustainability and are urging others to follow suit.