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appetizersIsraeli KitchenPhoto: Jerry James Stone, Sarah F. Berkowitz

6 dishes to fulfill your vegetarian appetizer dreams

We love starting our meals with something crisp and flavorful. Here are 6 ways to get there, veg-style.

Culinary News

26-year-old James Beard Rising Star Chef nominee Camille Cogswell of Zahav in Philidelphia.

How this pastry chef went from bagel maker to James Beard Award winner

The food world is singing the praises of Zahav's 27-year-old Camille Cogswell.

raspberry lemon cream pie

No-bake Mother’s Day pie ideas for kitchen novices

All the flavors blended into Mom's favorite desserts, without the frustration, heat and long wait.

red pitaya cut up on wooden board

Introducing the pitaya, 2018's hot new superfruit

This sweet fruit, also known as dragon fruit, comes with a host of health benefits and is very easy to grow. So why hasn't anyone heard of it?

genie oven and soup

​This tiny instant cooker is like a Keurig for meals

Fast food has never been quite this fast.

poppy rugelach cookie

I tried to recreate my favorite cookie, and the fail was epic

Marzipan Bakery in Israel makes the most amazing rugelach, and I was determined to make these gooey, chocolate cookies myself.

trendy foods collage

What the heck is a cacao nib? And other wild food trends, demystified

The changing landscape of food can be pretty amazing. Allow us to clear up a few things.

Israeli food includes hummus, falafel and other Mediterranean staples.

How well do you know the history of food?

From sabich to polenta to pierogi, test your knowledge on the origins of your favorite foods.

The new "Zahav" cookbook features a lot of different dishes, including a variety of Mediterranean salads.

And the No. 1 food trend for 2018 is ...

From sweet to savory, from halloumi to harissa, the flavors of Israel prevail as a top cuisine this year.

Your future meat will likely never come from a cow, chicken, or other livestock ever again.

The startups racing to bring 'clean meats' to the masses

From burgers to beer-battered chicken breasts, the future of meat is cruelty-free, nutritious and 100% delicious.

Elad Budenshteiin and Itamar Eliyahu started Israeli restaurant Tantura together.

How a love story brought Israeli cuisine to Portugal

Two men wanting to make jelly doughnuts wound up starting a critically acclaimed restaurant far from home.

miznon roasted cauliflower

The 'King of Cauliflower' is coming to the Big Apple

Noted celebrity chef Eyal Shani is bringing his wildly popular Miznon restaurant stateside.

solo gelato ice cream

You can now make your own ice cream at home from a tiny capsule

The Solo Gelato machine is like a Keurig for ice cream lovers.

matcha powder and tray

What is matcha, and why should you cook with it?

This trendy powdered tea makes more than just a sippable hot drink. Here are some creative ways to cook with matcha.

cherry tomatoes

World's tiniest tomato tastes like candy

It's the size of a blueberry, and food experts say it could open the door to a world of new recipes.

'I find a new place, see what everybody’s eating, and sometimes miracles happen,' said Phil Rosenthal about his new series.

Around the world in food: New Netflix show dares you to 'Feed Phil'

'Everybody Loves Raymond' creator Phil Rosenthal has won a James Beard Award for his foodie travels.