paper planes controlled by smartphones paper planes controlled by smartphones The planes come in a variety of colors and have landing gear for takeoff and landing. (Photo: PowerUp Toys)

You can now control paper planes with your smartphone

Scientists have been working over a decade to make smartphone-controlled paper planes that can do all kinds of tricks.

Ever wish you could bring your paper airplanes into the high tech era? No? Well, you can anyway.

Israeli company PowerUp Toys invented a device that lets you control paper airplanes from your smartphone. You just attach a steerer, a propeller and a Bluetooth thingamabob to your paper plane, and you can make it do tricks, like loops, spins and barrel roles.

These planes are pretty serious; they can fly up to 25 mph. The company also has a version with a camera.

The company "launched with a singular aspiration: to test the limitations of timeless homemade paper planes with technology, to go beyond the possibilities that have confined the imaginations of kids, their parents, and their parents’ parents," reads a company press release.

Scientists have been working on "PowerUp Dart" for 12 years. The company, which was founded by Shai Goitein, has raised more than $1 million on Kickstarter. The planes will be for sale in stores in a few months for $45 each. Regular paper airplanes, of course, continue to be free.

Maybe we're just old, but we kinda think the whole point of a paper airplane is that it isn't high tech. It's something anyone can make with a scrap of paper and mischievous glint in her eye. Then again, we would totally try one of these out if someone handed it to us.


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