C-3PO C-3PO C-3PO from "Star Wars" may have complained a lot, but he was programmed to be a protocol droid, so he was loyal to his owner. (Photo: Courtesy of StarWars.com)

What is C-3PO doing in your car?

And where did he learn to be such a good driver?

GPS app Waze, which offers driving directions and traffic information gathered from users, is bringing on a new employee to help guide you through the streets. And this particular new hire probably shares more in common with your washing machine than with a chauffeur.

C-3PO, the beloved droid from Star Wars, will now be providing you with voice-guided navigation for your journeys to galaxies far, far away as well as grocery stores down the street.

In doing so, C-3PO is joining other guest celebrity voices on Waze, including Neil Patrick Harris, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Stephen Colbert. By lending his voice to the Israel-based Google-owned Waze, C3PO should provide our Star Wars fix as we wait with bated breath for the upcoming Episode VII and Episode VIII films.

To get some idea of what this all could sound like, here's an interview with Anthony Daniels, the real voice of C-3PO and the only actor who has been in all seven films.


The app utilizes voice-guided navigation, of course, but it also includes a weird feature: C-3PO provides you with the fastest route while he searches for his buddies R2-D2 and BB-8. Users who help find the other robots will score extra points via the app’s social features.

Oh, and you might want to keep an eye out for stormtroopers and lightsabers, which you can also find on the Waze map. When you're fighting through traffic on this app ... you're really fighting.

So if you're interested in turning a trip to the hardware store into an epic space journey, try this out. Let's just hope that stormtroopers don't figure out how to create gridlock.


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What is C-3PO doing in your car?
And where did he learn to be such a good driver?