Jillian had her Subaru Forester delivered to her home. Jillian had her Subaru Forester delivered to her home. Jillian had her Subaru Forester delivered to her home. (Photo: Beepi)

Used-car startup Beepi coming soon to a city near you

Online marketplace, which takes the hassle out of buying and selling used vehicles, eyeing massive expansion by year's end.

If the thought of going through the process of buying or selling a used car makes you cringe, sweat, or quietly sob, you'll be comforted to know that you are not alone. Of the 40 million to 45 million used cars bought and sold in the U.S. each year, it's likely that a majority of the participants all breathe a sigh of immense relief once the process is over.

But what if that satisfying sight came early on in the transaction – and with only a few mouse clicks? That's the idea behind Beepi, a Calif.-based startup whose sole purpose is to make buying and selling a car online as easy, convenient and risk-free as purchasing shoes, electronics or clothing.

The company was founded just over two years ago by Ale Resnik, from Argentina, and Owen Savir, who grew up in Israel. They recently closed on a $300 million round of funding. This fresh infusion of cash will allow Beepi to open in one new U.S. city each week, expanding beyond its current footprint in California, Arizona, and Texas and reaching coast-to-coast by year's end. In 2016, Beepi will broaden its scope to include international hotspots.

BEEPICustomers who buy through Beepi have their cars personally delivered to their door, complete with celebratory bow. (Photo: Beepi)

“We are a peer-to-peer online marketplace that allows you to buy or sell a car completely online without going to a dealer,” Liz Foster, a spokeswoman for Beepi, told From The Grapevine earlier this year. “We have eliminated the heavy and expensive footprint of the dealer. Because of that, we are able to guarantee that sellers get more than at a dealer, and buyers pay less than at a dealer."

While a healthy bottom line is an attractive selling point, the real appeal of Beepi is its promise of quality, convenience and making the words "stress-free experience" an actual part of the used-car-market lexicon. Founders Resnik and Savir were adamant from the beginning about molding these principles into every Beepi transaction.

"When something works with blissful ease – and there are no surprises – that's a fun experience," Resnik told the Huffington Post last year. "So we take the guesswork out of every step; you get a great car for a terrific price and you don't even have to get our of your PJs! We also take care of the agonizing minutiae: we do all the painful paperwork and deliver your car to wherever you tell us. And because we're proud of what we do, every car is delivered detailed and with a big Beepi bow."

For more on the Beepi experience coming your way, check out the short video below.


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