TV in dining room TV in dining room The TV set, once found only in living rooms, is making its way into kids rooms, guest rooms and even dining rooms, according to a July 2014 study by (Photo: dbdavidova / Shutterstock)

TV in the dining room? Survey shows surprising decorating trends

Recent study by home remodeling site Houzz is a revealing snapshot of homeowner tastes.

The formal dining room is sometimes considered passe, as recent home designs have trended toward more of an open-concept floor plan, and most American households tend to eat meals in the kitchen, or in front of the TV in the living room. 

Surprisingly, a recent report by the home remodeling website shows that a majority of today's homeowners still have dining rooms that they use regularly (at least once a week). But that's not to say that we don't want the best of both worlds: sixteen percent of homeowners would also like to install a TV in their dining room.

The study, conducted in July, surveyed 1,715 Houzz users in the United States and Canada who are currently at work on or planning a decorating project.

Some other interesting findings from the report:

  • Two-thirds of those surveyed are creating living spaces in the master bedroom, where mini-fridges are equally as popular as fireplaces. 
  • In addition to the dining room, TVs are a popular choice in kids rooms and guest rooms, where they’re used by one in three homeowners.
  • Hardwood remains the most popular floor covering; however, 38 percent of homeowners want carpet in the master bedroom.

The report shows what homeowners want; the Houzz website is designed to help them achieve that vision. Houzz lets users access a database of community-reviewed supplies, contractors and services near them, in order to find the right designers, builders and materials for each project. Reviews from other users in the Houzz community help homeowners know what to expect from each listed professional, and portfolios of previous projects help identify which ones are likely to suit their individual needs.

“Working with an interior designer or other professional can help people enjoy their homes more, creating spaces that are not only beautiful, but also specifically suited to their lifestyle,” said Liza Hausman, VP of Community for Houzz.

Houzz was started by Israeli couple Adi Tatarko and Alon Cohen in 2009, while remodeling their home in Palo Alto, California. “Renovating a home together is much more challenging than running the company together,” Tatarko told Fortune magazine.

Today, Houzz has 25 million users and more than 300 employees in its five offices around the world (London, Berlin, Sydney and two in California).

“Houzz is the new way to remodel your home, the 21st-century way,” Tartako said on Bloomberg Television’s "Surveillance” show. “It’s a platform that brings together professionals in the industry – architects, designers, general contractors – and homeowners.”

The site also has a free app available for download on Google Play and the iTunes App Store, which allows mobile users to browse through photos for inspiration and save them to “ideabooks.”

Check out a slideshow of Houzz ideabooks below (use the arrows on the bottom-left to advance the images.) You can also download the full Houzz Decorating Trends Study report.

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TV in the dining room? Survey shows surprising decorating trends
Recent study by home remodeling site Houzz is a revealing snapshot of homeowner tastes.