Bird from MUV Interactive Bird from MUV Interactive Turn your sofa into a touchscreen with an overhead projector and a Bird from MUV Interactive. (Video screenshot: Bloomberg TV)

How to transform your couch into a touchscreen

Wearable technology has the potential to change the way we interact with our furniture.

Merely waving your finger to control an electronic device may seem like something out of 'Minority Report,' but it's actually an available technology. One company has already employed it to make taking selfies more practical. And now another has even bigger ambitions.

With a wearable device dubbed Bird (it slips on your finger), Israeli startup MUV Interactive has set out to change how we interact with ordinary furniture.

No longer is the coffee table just a place to stack back issues of “Wired” and rest our beverages; no longer is the desk reserved for mounds of paperwork and errant ballpoint pens; no longer is that couch merely a place for resting derrières. With a Bird on your finger, you can give these furnishings an entirely new and somewhat unexpected secondary use as 3D interactive touchscreens.

A smartphone and the Bird alone aren’t capable of transforming your loveseat into a giant touchscreen. As explained by ChipChick, an overhead projector must be connected to your smartphone - or tablet, laptop, or other device - so that you can order a pizza, for example, from the comfort of your super-cool couch-screen.

Although the Bird is just a working prototype at this point, it has game-changing potential, particularly in educational and businesses environments where projectors are already in place, as MUV Interactive founder and CEO Ravi Parham explains in this video.


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How to transform your couch into a touchscreen
Touch screen furniture sounds like science fiction, but MUV Interactive's wearable Bird device has the potential to change how we interact with our sofas.