Even headphones Even headphones Even's headphones allow you to test your hearing to find the best listening settings. (Photo: Even)

These headphones are like Siri for your ears

It's a safer, more personal experience – not to mention a great gift for audiophiles.

There's a new pair of headphones out there, and we really like the sound of it.

They're called the Even H2, and their inventors promise to deliver something a little more personal to the already crowded audio accessory market: customized sound that tunes to the listener's unique "earprint," using a virtual assistant much like Siri to get the job done the 21st-century way.

H2 headphonesA virtual assistant named Sarah will guide you through the process of programming the H2 to your own needs. (Photo: Even)

It's the latest gadget from Even, a startup from Israel helmed by Tel Aviv University alumnus Danny Aronson, who worked as a music composer before delving into entrepreneurship. The H2 – the latest in Even's product line – is equipped with Sarah, a Siri-like voice that will guide you through setup and customization, including a hearing test to determine the safest, most ideal listening levels.

"[We're] challenging the basic precepts of the audio industry – that we all hear the same and that our hearing is perfect," Aronson said. "We think it’s time our ears get the attention and love they deserve.”


The H2 is available on Even's website, which also offers a more stripped-down headphone model (without Sarah) and a line of earbuds.

Even earprintEven headphones offer a unique 'earprint' feature that maps the difference between your ears and improves your listening experience. (Photo: Even)

All of Even's products can be customized to the wearer's specific "earprint," Aronson said, which is similar to an eyeglasses prescription and can detect subtle differences between your ears in order to fine-tune your listening experience.

"They will change the way you listen to everything you love, from music to podcasts," Aronson said.



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These headphones are like Siri for your ears
Israel-based EVEN's headphones will test your hearing before you use them.