Tapingo allows college students to order food ahead of time and pick it up without waiting in line. Tapingo allows college students to order food ahead of time and pick it up without waiting in line. Tapingo allows college students to order food ahead of time and pick it up without waiting in line.

Skip the line: Tapingo makes fast food faster for students

The app that made waiting in line for lunch a thing of the past at campuses is expanding into food delivery.

School is back in session, and the harder you study, the hungrier you’re going to be, and the less free time you’re going to have. Fortunately, Tapingo is making fast food even faster at college campuses across the country.

The app is simple: When you’re hungry, just open it up and choose from a list of local restaurants available at or near your school. You pay through the app, so when you get to the restaurant, all you have to do is pick up your order and get on your way. There's no waiting in line required.

The company, which was founded in Israel and now has offices in San Francisco and Tel Aviv, says it does more than 25,000 transactions per day on almost 100 different campuses including New York University, University of Southern California, Trinity College and West Point. Tapingo has an active following on Twitter, and asks users to tweet with the hashtag #WaitLessLiveMore.

Last spring, Tapingo announced a new student-run delivery service, which now includes Chipotle. “Tapingo, which has been well received by students where its services are available, knows how to connect with these younger customers,” said Chipotle’s chief creative and development officer, Mark Crumpacker. “That shared acceptance among younger customers made them a great choice for us to expand delivery aimed specifically at students.”

The new delivery service pits Tapingo against GrubHub and Postmates, but Tapingo’s service is different in several key ways. First, it will allow students to pay for their meals with campus meal dollars and to order from restaurants on or off-campus. Student couriers will be independent contractors scheduling their own hours – they can turn on the app any time they’re able to make a delivery.

Two other new features were launched this fall: Quick Pick is an option to order a meal or item that is simple to prepare (designated by the restaurant) and have it ready ASAP, while Scheduled Ordering allows you to place an order in advance and have it ready for you whenever you want it.


The company has already raised tens of millions of dollars from venture capital firms. The new funding will allow Tapingo to expand to nearly 200 campuses by the end of the year and move into areas surrounding campuses to help retain its user base beyond graduation.

“When you buy a coffee, you shouldn't have to wait in line, pay at a register, then wait again,” said Tapingo founder and CEO, Israeli Daniel Almog. “Your phone should know what kind of coffee you like and make sure it's available for you – where you need it, when you need it.”


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