Kwik smart buttons Kwik smart buttons Smart buttons are redefining online shopping. (Photo: Courtesy of Kwik)

Startup wants to change the face of online shopping

Smart buttons around your house might just be the next wave of e-commerce.

The next wave of online shopping is here, and it's a bit more, shall we say, buttoned up.

Amazon has upped the ante on its wildly popular online ordering approach by offering users WiFi-connected buttons, called Amazon Dash Buttons, to place strategically around their homes. Brands from all over the grocery store – Tide, Doritos, Trojan, L'Oreal, Arm & Hammer – have buttons, making the user experience even more instantaneous.

Tide's Amazon Dash Button can be affixed to your washing machine for convenient reordering.Tide's Amazon Dash Button can be affixed to your washing machine for convenient reordering. (Photo: Wikimedia)

And now, in an attempt to "fundamentally change the relationship people have with major brands," comes a multinational startup called Kwik, founded by two Israeli entrpreneuers. Their company is expanding the smart-button phenomenon beyond Amazon and into virtually every product imaginable.

Kwik, with offices in Sunnyvale, Calif., and Tel Aviv, Israel, currently offers buttons for Huggies, Domino's Pizza and Eden Springs Water. Its buttons are available only in Israel at the moment, but with a recent investment in seed funding, Kwik's founders hope to "accelerate market availability" (that's corporate-speak for "coming here soon, stay tuned!").

The buttons are quickly satisfying customers' insatiable appetite for all things fast and easy. But the benefits for brands are equally promising, something Kwik's founders are counting on. "We can work with any brand, retailer, payments processor or delivery service, making it possible for all brands to better understand the needs of and develop deeper direct relationships with their consumers," said Kwik CEO Ofir Klein, who has an MBA from Tel Aviv University.

So what can you expect from Kwik as it ramps up? Just think of the possibilities: a beer button (a partnership with distributor InBev is about to make that a reality), a Chinese takeout button, an "oh no, I'm in the middle of baking a cake and I'm out of eggs" button, a "bought the wrong toilet paper" button ... what would your ideal button be? Let us know in the comments below.


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Startup wants to change the face of online shopping
A startup called Kwik, with offices in California and Israel, wants to make smart-button technology the next wave of online shopping.