Dov-e teamed with Gett and Coca Cola to bring TV viewers at-home deliveries. Dov-e teamed with Gett and Coca Cola to bring TV viewers at-home deliveries. Dov-e teamed with Gett and Coca Cola to bring TV viewers at-home deliveries. (Photo: Dov-e)

Coca-Cola experiments with groundbreaking product delivery system

A sonogram signal to your phone can alert a driver to bring you a drink when you're thirsty.

It's happened to all of us: A product flashes across the TV screen and you immediately want it, but you quickly realize there's no easy way to get it. Well, that may be an inconvenience relegated to the dustbin of history if one tech startup has anything to say about it.

During a broadcast last Wednesday on Israeli TV, Israeli tech startup Dov-e teamed with ride-hailing service Gett and Coca Cola to bring viewers on-demand delivery, and it was as simple as a tap of a button.

Viewers who downloaded an app onto their smartphones created for the occasion had their phones "triggered" by an ultrasound signal that was embedded into a Coke commercial. The app then opened and gave them the option of ordering a six-pack of the soft drink. The order was forwarded by the app to Gett, which dispatched a driver to pick up the order from a local distribution point and bring it to the recipient – and all within an hour of the order being placed.

At the heart of it all was Dov-e's technology, which can be added to your phone and uses ultrasonic sounds to enable payments in the same way Bluetooth and near field connection (NFC) are currently being used.

“Our protocol enables full-duplex communication, which means that the mobile phone can send and receive information at the same time, and it is more secure, as it does not transmit any sensitive information, and does not save any sensitive information on the mobile phone itself. Instead, what we transmit are one-time evaporating tokens, that only work at the time that they are played,” Dov-e founder and CEO Yehuda Yehudai said at a recent event in Tel Aviv, Israel.

While the experiment took place in Israel, there are hopes to expand this technology worldwide. Yehudai told From The Grapevine that feedback following the Coca Cola/Gett event had been overwhelmingly positive.

"People wrote [to say] they were amazed from this new experience of ordering at home almost only by the power of thinking about it. One tap was all that was required to get your Coke," he said.


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