A technician at work fixing a phone on location. A technician at work fixing a phone on location. A technician at work fixing a phone on location. (Photo: Courtesy CellSavers)

CellSavers' techs will fix your smartphone wherever you are

On-demand repair service expands across U.S.

We've all been there. Your smartphone is broken. Maybe it's the battery, maybe you spilled coffee on it, or maybe it's the most feared event any digital native can face – the inevitable cracked screen. No worries. Help is on the way. Literally.

The time-saving superheroes come courtesy of CellSavers, a startup based in Tel Aviv, Israel. Their on-demand technicians can be dispatched to fix your phone wherever you are – whether it's at home or work or anywhere else. It's perfect for a busy college student, a young professional on the go or a mom who's at home while her kids are napping. Oh, and did we mention they can fix your phone in under an hour? It's like Best Buy's Geek Squad merged with LensCrafters' timeliness to create the ultimate phone repair concierge.

They can fix iPhones, iPads, iPods and Samsung Galaxy phones. Their services are currently available to broken phone-plagued citizens in 10 U.S. cities including Atlanta, Dallas, Los Angeles and New York City. The company says they are adding a new city every week.

Eyal Ronen, an alumnus of Israel's Tel Aviv University, is the co-founder and CEO of CellSavers. "We take great pride in our technicians' ability to delight our customers with excellent service," he said. "We see our platform as the difference between hailing a cab in the rain and ordering a ride at the click of a button while sitting in the comfort of your home, office or café. We at CellSavers pride ourselves on our customer service – going the extra mile, often literally, to repair customers' phones at any location, from gyms to bars and even family picnics. It's a leap in the quality of service people are receiving for their most important digital lifeline."

In the video below, one of their technicians talks about his experiences. He sums it up with one sentence: "I like making people happy."



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