Sensibo AC device Sensibo AC device The Sensibo device and its smartphone app. (Photos courtesy Sensibo)

Company promises to make your air conditioner smarter

Intelligent device easily upgrades your cooling system to lower your energy bills.

The air conditioner of the future may already be installed in your home. Sensibo, an Israeli startup, has created a device that affixes effortlessly to your existing remote-controlled AC unit and turns it into a smart appliance.

“We saw a huge opportunity to bring smart technology to the majority of the world’s AC systems, filling a critical gap in the market without asking users to go out and buy a whole new air conditioner,” co-founder Omer Enbar told NoCamels

With the Sensibo device and accompanying smartphone app, your air conditioner will now be able to react to your location, detect your presence and perform a number of energy-saving functions. Like the Nest Learning Thermostat, Sensibo has an array of sensors that adapt to your lifestyle and adjust the AC settings accordingly. Smart features like weather tracking will even prompt you when the outside temperature cools down, sending a shut-off recommendation to your phone. The company claims that an air conditioner upgraded with Sensibo will lower its average carbon footprint by an impressive 40 percent. 


The Sensibo's main pod unit floats on a magnetic axis around the easy-to-attach mounting unit.

The real winning feature with this device is how  easy it is to add to your AC unit. No wires, just batteries. No screws, just super strong mounting tape. Not sure what kind of AC code your remote uses? No worries - the app comes with hundreds of remote-control commands pre-installed for a wide array of units, including window, ductless, central air, standing, etc. Moving to a new home? Unstick Sensibo and take it with you. 

This little wonder received a tremendous amount of support in order to come to market. Last month, the company quickly crushed its initial Indiegogo fundraising goal of $70,000 — amassing $165,516 in total backing by the campaign's close. 

"You’re all awesome and we could never have done this without your support," the founders shared. "Reaching our goal so quickly is a great achievement, and this is just the beginning."

Sensibo plans on releasing its first commercial units in January 2015 with an initial retail price of $159.00. To learn more about the company and its technology, check out their very smart and funny infomercial below. 


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