Selfly inventor Hagay Klein looks at a prototype of his drone in action. Selfly inventor Hagay Klein looks at a prototype of his drone in action. No more dealing with selfie sticks or awkward camera angles. Now there's a selfie-taking hovering iPhone case. (Photo: Courtesy photo)

Orthodontist invents a flying phone case

The camera drone can hover overhead to snap amazing aerial selfies.

Drone photography has, quite literally, taken off in recent years. Sure, that's great for professional photographers. But what about for the rest of us, the ones who use our cell phones as our go-to camera? Well, have no fear – Selfly is here.

The new invention is an iPhone case that transforms into a tiny drone, lifting your camera up above you to take the perfect overhead shot, or off in the distance a bit to take an unparalleled selfie. The whole contraption fits right into your back pocket. The video below shows it in action:

The idea is the brainchild of Hagay Klein, an orthodontist in Tel Aviv, Israel. Years of staring into people's mouths all the time just wasn't inspiring him. “I would work one day a week and spend the other six building things," he said.

That tinkering has paid off. He finished his latest working prototype in November and was ready to show it to the world. "Think of Selfly as your own personal photographer which can take the greatest overview shots," explained Klein, a graduate of Tel Aviv University. “It's perfect for anyone who hates dealing with selfie sticks and drones.”

A skater uses the drone to shoot video of his moves.A skater uses the drone to shoot video of his moves. (Photo: YouTube)

He launched a Kickstarter campaign just a few weeks ago, and he's already raised three times his original goal. The universal case fits most cell phones – including both iPhone and Android models – and clocks in at less than $100.

"There are many flying drones out in the market today, but you cannot really carry them around with you," said Chief Technology Officer Einat Klein. "We took all the high-end technology used today and minimized it into an accessory used everyday by everyone – a cell phone case. And the Selfly application is so simple that anyone can use it."

The devices will be mass-produced this spring, with expectations for them to be shipped in June. In the meantime, here's a sneak peek of a funny video about the product:


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Orthodontist invents a flying phone case
The pocket-sized Selfly is a flying camera drone that can hover overhead and take selfies.