Why is it we can never remember our passwords? Why is it we can never remember our passwords? Why is it we can never remember our passwords? (Photo: Kpatyhka / Shutterstock)

Company figures out way to eliminate daily password use; world rejoices

Has a startup called Secret Double Octopus figured out a solution to that most pesky of problems?

Is it 1234 or 0000? Or is it your birthday and your cat's name? We've all been there, trying desperately to recall our passwords. Facebook has one login, and your online banking has another. Not to mention the myriad other websites you visit daily that are constantly asking you to type in your password. (Wait, maybe it's your dog and your anniversary.) And then, when we can't recall those elusive alphanumeric pairings (your dad's middle name and your spouse's birthday?), we sheepishly click on the "Forgot your password" link and admit defeat.

There's got to be a better way. Well, there is. Meet Secret Double Octopus. Yes, you read that right.

The Israel-based startup with a funny name has introduced the world's first password-free, key-less authenticator for the web. They have dramatically reimagined security on the web. With passwords, there's just too much to remember, too much complication, and too much exposure to potential hackers.

The Double Octopus approach is similar to that of your bank safety deposit box. It requires a key from you and a key from the banker to open it. The system they've invented is now being incorporated into many of the websites that you visit on a regular basis.

"Its solution is to provide a series of authentication parameters based not just on passwords, but also fingerprints and biometric measures as picked up by your handset," wrote TechCrunch. "The theory is that these are far more natural and harder for a malicious hacker to crack."

Raz Rafaeli (left) is the company's CEO, while Shimrit Tzur-David (right) handles the CTO duties.Raz Rafaeli (left) is the company's CEO, while Shimrit Tzur-David (right) handles the CTO duties at Secret Double Octopus. (Photo: Courtesy photo)

The company is led by a team of IT industry execs as well as academics – including Raz Rafaeli, a graduate of Israel's Technion Institute of Technology, and Dr. Shimrit Tzur-David, who received her Ph.D. in computer science from Hebrew University in Jerusalem. The company recently made headlines when it appeared on a Business Insider list of the 25 coolest tech companies in Israel, which included more well-known firms like driverless car company Mobileye and Google-owned Waze.

“At the age of always-connected sensitive data, we need a new approach for security that is both seamless and impenetrable,” said Rafaeli, the guy we haven't forgotten about yet since we just mentioned him in the previous paragraph. Now if only there was a way to remember your cat's birthday.


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