ancient tablets that tell people to go on a wine run ancient tablets that tell people to go on a wine run Scientists are using this as proof that we need to start photographing more ancient pottery. (Photo: Tel Aviv University)

Scientists discover a hidden ancient message – and it's a plea for more booze

It turns out wine parties were a thing 2,600 years ago.

This tablet, which was written in Israel about 2,600 years ago, was actually discovered near Jerusalem decades ago and has been on display for 50 years. The front side of the tablet was covered in text, while everyone thought the back was blank.

But through use of amazing 21st-century technology (they photographed it), researchers from Israel's Tel Aviv University just discovered that the back has a message on it, too.

"If there is any wine, send some," begins this ancient letter. "Oh, and Ge'alyahu has taken some sparkling wine." That Ge'alyahu. We all know a guy like him.

translation of ancient tabletWe paraphrased for obvious reasons. (Photo: Tel Aviv University)

Thanks to this discovery, the scientists are now arguing that we should start photographing a lot more ancient stuff, including the pottery that researchers typically toss during archaeological digs. (For real, I've got a piece of ancient pottery sitting in my bedroom because an archaeologist at a dig I was on threw it out.)

All in all, it's nice to know that ancient people were thinking about the same stuff that we are in 2017. And we've got a feeling that, if this article is ever discovered by archaeologists thousands of years in the future, they, too, will relate.


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