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Scientists can almost build a human from scratch

Doctors are cloning human bones and brains ... The next step looks pretty obvious.

This morning, our office learned that Israeli scientists just grew a human bone from scratch and stuck it in someone.

It all started when a man lost part of his shinbone in a car accident. Naturally, the doctors decided to grow a new bone for him. They took some of his fat cells, applied magic or something, and ended up with a piece of a living human shinbone. They put it in the guy, and he’s expected to fully recover in a few weeks.

"This surgery is truly science fiction, it changes the entire game in orthopedics,” said Nimrod Rozen, the doctor leading the surgery. Rozen works at the Emek Medical Center in northern Isarel. The medical center wants to keep on making “spare parts” for people.

“Today I have the ability to grow any bone in a lab,” Rozen said.

It’s an amazing story, but it’s also … weird. As an office, we were like, “Wait a minute. This sounds familiar.”

Because bones aren’t the only body parts scientists seem to be growing lately. Recently, a team of scientists from Israel’s Weizmann Institute of Science grew a piece of a miniature human brain in a test tube to help understand a disease that makes brains grow badly.

“We now have a much better understanding of what makes a brain wrinkled or, in cases of those with one mutated gene, smooth,” explained Orly Reiner, a genetics professor at the Weizmann Institute who helped identify the gene that caused the disorder.

And that’s just one example of this Frankensteinian trend. Another group made a 3D heart to work on a little girl’s heart surgery. That doesn’t mean anyone is printing working human hearts yet, but it does sound like a step in that direction, doesn’t it? Some people are even trying to make bones out of coral. And let's not forget about robot arms.

So we’re calling it. We bet that scientists are going to start building humans. They’re already pretty close.


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