StoreDot's prototype could one day mean the end of lengthy battery charging times. StoreDot's prototype could one day mean the end of lengthy battery charging times. StoreDot's prototype could one day mean the end of lengthy battery charging times. (Photo: Doron Myersdorf / YouTube)

Say goodbye to dead phone batteries

StoreDot says its prototype can recharge your phone battery in 30 seconds.

Everyone knows that one of the worst things about the current smartphone craze is that, while these devices are incredibly powerful, battery life is not exactly their strong point. Well, your battery capacity worries could change in the next few years thanks to the new battery charger prototype that StoreDot showed off at Microsoft's Think Next Event in Tel Aviv, Israel, on Monday.

Using bio-organic battery technology (specifically nanodots), which was actually discovered as part of research into Alzheimer's disease by the University of Tel Aviv, StoreDot's charger can take a cell phone battery at 0% charge and refill it to 100% capacity in as little as 30 seconds. A full recharge that fast could mean big changes for how customers use their phone. It could mean returning a dropped call in less than a minute. Just quickly enough to close that important business deal. Not to mention the fact that the material used in this technology is organic, which means it's not only less expensive, but it's also better for the environment.

The only downside to this Israel-based company's wonder technology? You probably won't be able to use it to charge your phone for a few more years. StoreDot predicts that the fast-charging battery tech could be ready for commercial use  sometime in 2016 and that it will cost roughly double what typical chargers cost.

“We are about one year from a functional prototype that will be inside the device,” StoreDot’s CEO and founder Dr. Doron Myersdorf told TechCrunch on Monday. “Right now we show a battery that extends beyond the form factor of the smartphone. So in one year we’ll have reached the size, and in two years we’ll reach the required energy density for the entire day. So we are talking about three years for a commercial ready device. So I assume it will be three years before you can actually purchase it on the market.”

So while you can't get your hands on StoreDot's magic device yet, chances are good that in a few short years you won't have to worry about your phone's dying battery nearly as much as you do now.

(Headline Photo: Doron Myersdorf / YouTube)


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