WeWork Central Park South WeWork Central Park South Samsung will start setting up care centers at WeWork locations like this one around the country. (Photo: Courtesy of WeWork)

Samsung is opening its own genius bars, and they're super fancy

Move over, Apple. Soon, you won't have a monopoly on tech care centers.

Apple genius bars may not have a monopoly on tech care centers for long. Samsung is trying to compete with Apple by providing its own care centers, located in crazy nice places that are actually designed for humans.

To accomplish this, Samsung is partnering with WeWork, a co-working business started by an Israeli entrepreneur whom we wrote about a couple years ago. Now, some WeWork locations will feature a special Samsung space, where people with Galaxy phones and Chromebooks can bring in their devices to get help.

WeWork Moorgate London The WeWork office in the Moorgate section of London is the largest co-working space in the world, at over 166,000 square feet. (Photo: Courtesy of WeWork)

While customers wait, they can actually get work done in WeWork's office-like spaces, which feature coffee, couches, phone booths, conference rooms and in some cases, chandeliers. The company will start rolling out the centers in Miami, Brooklyn and Detroit.

“Service is a hassle. I know I’m going to have to take time out of my day to do it,” said Mick McConnell, Samsung's VP of design. “The concept was, if I take time out of my day, at least I can sit in a conference room, make phone calls, and do work, as opposed to sitting in a busy room with a bunch of angry people.”

For now, these these centers won't be full service. You can bring in a device to get help using it or shipping it to a repair center, but no one will fix it on the spot. At least not yet. Assuming all goes well, Samsung users might eventually get to enjoy full fixes from geniuses in matching T-shirts.


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