The Piqapoo is a hands-free doggy doo collection device. The Piqapoo is a hands-free doggy doo collection device. The Piqapoo is a hands-free doggy doo collection device. (Photo: Piqapoo)

You'll never have to pick up dog poop again

The Piqapoo attaches to your dog's tail and catches his business before it hits the ground.

When nature calls for Fido, you can finally answer it without getting poo on your hands.

That's all thanks to the Piqapoo, a new product from an Israeli startup that allows for hands-free collection after your dog does his business. Simply clip it onto the dog's tail when you're ready to go for a walk, and after the deed is done, release the bag with the press of a button.

The invention joins a long list of dog developments coming out of the Mediterranean metropolis of Tel Aviv.

Not only does the Piqapoo keep your hands clean, it keeps the ground clean, too. It also eliminates the horror of having our noses in close proximity to dog poop during what should be an otherwise pleasant activity. CEO Gideon Hazan, who uses it on his own dogs, said it's made dog walking "way more enjoyable" and "will change the lives of dog owners everywhere."

Indeed, Hazan and his Piqapoo team aren't the only ones singing the praises of their device. After launching their Kickstarter campaign only a week ago, the product has already easily exceeded their goal. And there's still 53 days of crowdfunding to go.

And it's not all about hygiene and convenience, either. Hazan says the device is an indispensable tool for the visually impaired and those with disabilities that prevent them from bending over.

Those interested in purchasing a Piqapoo can pre-order on Kickstarter for shipping in March or April 2017.


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