24me interface 24me interface 24me is a digital personal assistant app that's become launched for the Apple Watch next week. (Photo: 24me)

Personal assistant app gears up for Apple Watch

24Me organizes your life in a way that Siri and Google Calendar can't. Now, it's getting a wrist-enabled upgrade.

As Apple fans eagerly await the rollout of the Apple Watch next week, many are wondering which of the apps they currently use on their iPhones will be integrated into the new device. 

Enter 24me, a personal-organization app. Invented by an Israeli businesswoman and mother of three, the app is described as “a personal assistant that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to help people manage their daily lives, anticipate what’s next and accomplish their things automatically.” 

The app works by connecting to your life – utilities, service providers, banks, social networks – then automatically tells you what's coming up. And you can accomplish many tasks – buying tickets, ordering flowers, making dinner reservations – within the app itself.

Now, with the Apple Watch integration, all the features of 24me will be accessible with the touch of your wrist. It will be available April 24, the same day that Apple's new smart watch will begin selling in stores. The watch is currently available for pre-order.

The watch version of the 24me app includes a pay feature that allows users to pay bills, order checks and make dozens of other transactions directly from the device. According to Bank Innovation, it could be the only way for users to make payments on the watch other than Apple Pay, which is not built into the device.

“Based on the user’s task content, 24me offers all type of assistants, from cleaners to clean the house, delivery service to pick [up] packages and take-aways, shopping, handymen, research, office/admin, etc.,” 24me’s co-founder and chief marketing officer, Liat Mordechay Hertanu, told The Next Web.

24me screens24me uses calendar and task manager data and studies users' previous behavior to make predictions. (Photo: 24me)

24me was founded in 2012 by Hertanu and her husband, Gilad. Both veterans of Israel's startup culture, the couple "found themselves wasting too much time on managing and coordinating their calendar, to-dos and errands," they said on their website. "After failing to find the right solution to improve their productivity, they decided to build it themselves."

Last year, Hertanu was named to Forbes’ list of "10 female founders to watch out of Israel." 24me now touts millions of users and impressive reviews. Download.com said 24me "looks and feels like a calendar but manages to do so much more, offering numerous tools to sync financial accounts, tasks, bills and social connections into a single interface. The result is a sleek, intuitive app that works perfectly for managing all of the daily tasks you might otherwise struggle to keep organized across multiple accounts."


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