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Why you'll never have to clean another toilet

Two entrepreneurs invented a robot that could mean freedom from dirty bathrooms forever.

New tech aims to solve an old and tragic problem: leaving infants in cars

Car sensor detects even the smallest movements, like a baby's heartbeat, and alerts the driver.

What do those food expiration dates really mean? Not much, CEO says

And he's got a new technique to help you figure out when your food will actually go bad.

This device can detect contaminated water without touching it

This handheld technology just won first place at the Consumer Electronics Show in Los Vegas.

Einstein exhibit to showcase Nobel medal and postcard to mom

Residents of Taipei welcomed the cache of archives with fanfare on the city's streets.

5 cool Israeli innovations to see at CES 2018

From autonomous vehicle technology to advancements in augmented reality, Israeli innovation is ready to make a big splash at CES.

Does punishing people actually work?

A group of scientists tried to figure out why people cooperate with each other, and the results were pretty surprising.

Here’s why this Harvard astrophysicist keeps looking for aliens

Professor Avi Loeb thinks extraterrestrial life could teach us about ourselves and our world.

Physicists have overturned a 100-year-old assumption on how your brain works

New research could lead to better understanding of degenerative diseases like Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.

Could this be the tallest Lego tower in the world?

New feat in Tel Aviv attempts to break the world record – and pay tribute to a special little boy at the same time.

Israel and China team up for joint university

After successful collaboration with Cornell, the Technion opens new facility in Asia.

Harvard scientist reveals a plan to listen for aliens Wednesday afternoon

After discovering a mysterious object hurtling through space, the world's largest telescope is tuning in at 3 p.m. EST. And the world will be listening.

How a company is turning wildlife destroyers into comfy marine homes

An Israeli startup figured out how to make concrete structures that are good for the environment.

Samsung is opening its own genius bars, and they're super fancy

Move over, Apple. Soon, you won't have a monopoly on tech care centers.

This designer made an entire lingerie line from a 3D doodle pen

One material, one pen, no waste, dozens of designs. What did you do today?