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Stephen Hawking's search for aliens just got a major boost

One of the physicist's final projects is now one step closer to finding extraterrestrial life.

Students invent portable robot chauffeur

The foldable machine can be taken anywhere and, with just five minutes of installation, can drive any car.

Scientists are getting closer to recording your dreams

You may soon be able to watch your dreams while you're awake.

These entrepreneurs made a car that folds up – while you're driving it

'It will be a game-changer,' said company's founder.

A Texas city just replaced its entire bus system with a rideshare service

Via, a startup founded in Israel, joined forces with the city of Arlington, Texas, to provide commuters with inexpensive on-demand rides.

We just discovered something new about Jupiter's mysterious stripes

American space probe Juno is uncovering secrets about our solar system's favorite gas giant planet.

Are robot arms about to get less expensive?

Entrepreneur Easton LaChappelle is using 3D printing to change the prosthetics game.

Tech’s too addictive, says man who made tech more addictive

Bestselling author Nir Eyal gave businesses a step-by-step guide to getting their users hooked, but he seems to be rethinking things.

Einstein’s dream just turned into a Nobel Prize, and here’s how it happened

The winning scientists of 2017 tell us what it was like to be the first to detect and observe gravitational waves.

New wearable device gives 'sight' to the visually impaired

Tiny portable camera allows people to read newspapers, shop at stores and recognize loved ones.

This pen makes reading easier for people with dyslexia

Device scans text and breaks words down into syllables using a digital voice.

How Indian farmers are doubling their crops

Learning about new technology was a game changer for this farming couple.

Startup invents invisible headphones – and, yes, they actually work

Camera sensors find your head and send audio streams directly and solely into your ears, with nobody else able to hear it.

'Game-changing' new app allows the hearing-impaired to enjoy Broadway shows

GalaPro can also translate any performance to the language of your choosing, in real-time.

Why some people are more creative than others

A new study found that certain types of brain connections have something to do with creativity.