compass compass The makers hope to create other products that can give us animal powers. (Photo: ub-foto / Shutterstock)

Connect this device to your chest and merge with Earth’s magnetic field

This 'human compass' is helping people expand their senses beyond normal human bounds.

Ever wished you could fly like an eagle or run like a cheetah? Well, you still can't do those things, but you'll soon be able to find north like a homing pigeon or migrating bird. In a world where the blind are starting to see, a startup is designing silicon devices called "North Sense" that turn people into human compasses.

Israeli entrepreneur Liviu Babitz, a graduate of the Minshar School of Art in Tel Aviv, is a co-founder of company Cyborg Nest that developed the device. "There's a whole other world out there full of things we have no idea about – different types of radiation, sounds and colors," he said. "Even if it's in a primitive way, being able to sense and connect to something that I would otherwise have zero clue about is something that fascinates me on a daily basis."

guy wearing north senseThe makers hope to create other products that can give us animal powers. (Photo: Cyborg Next)

The device gets pierced onto the user's chest, and it buzzes whenever she faces north. Over time, the user could get so well-acquainted with directions that they become innate and help enhance her perception of reality.

"This is not a physical change – this is a mind change," the company explained. "Processes take time, changing from person to person. Gradually, North Sense will become part of your existence. Your brain will learn how to filter the information, exactly as it's filtering distractions right now as you're reading this sentence."

The company's founders have long been obsessed with extrasensory perception. One, British entrepreneur Neil Harbisson, was born colorblind and got an antenna planted in his skull so he could sense color.

The company has been trying these devices out around the world. "Sensing the North will connect us to earth, directions, space and the continuous flow of the Earth’s magnetic field," the company continued. "With time, a new range of memories, maps and many life moments will be shaped, created and influenced by your new North Sense."


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