smartphone charger smartphone charger The mobeego disposable phone charger offers a convenient and long-lasting backup for your smartphone. (Photo: mobeego)

New disposable smartphone charger aims to ease battery anxiety

Tech startup mobeego describes its new environmentally friendly charger as an 'energy drink for the mobile phone.'

When was the last time your smartphone ran out of battery just when you needed it most? Ask that question to nearly anyone and you'll receive a litany of stories worthy of its own crisis support group. Smartphones are now such a harmonious piece of our daily lives that their absence in a time of need can feel disruptive.

Thankfully, there are many companies out there working to solve modern society's battery anxiety. Fast charging is one fix, as are wireless charging options at strategically convenient locations. But what if you've forgotten your charging cord or find yourself without access to an outlet? What if juicing up your smartphone was as easy and affordable as buying an energy drink or a cup of coffee?

That's the idea behind the new mobeego disposable smartphone charger invented by a team of entrepreneurs in Israel at their Batterfly Energy headquarters south of Tel Aviv. Conveniently and humorously shaped like a tiny energy drink for your phone, the mobeego can charge a device for up to four hours. Thanks to its environmentally friendly design, you can then bring the spent batteries back to the store to be recycled.

It's the perfect last-minute backup plan to carry in a pocket, backpack or purse for when you absolutely can't afford to have your phone shut down. As the below video shows, the mobeego is also designed to be quick and easy to use.

Like the various liquid energy boosts many of us rely upon to get us through the day, the mobeego is meant to be affordable. The miniature adapter has a one-time fee of $5, while the batteries cost only $2.50. Like any good backup, they're also designed to last – with individual batteries good to store for up to 10 years. So toss one in your car's glove compartment and you'll thank yourself later.

Currently, mobeego is in discussions to distribute its charging devices in countries such as the United States, Germany, Israel, France, Belgium, Russia, South Africa, and Chile. The idea is to make the gadget a ubiquitous piece of the retail scene, with vending machines and kiosks in hospitals, airports, movie theaters and convenient stores.

As for other times where the mobeego might come in handy? We'll leave those scenarios to this very amusing promotional video:


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