Artfully Walls augmented reality app Artfully Walls augmented reality app The Artfully Walls app uses augmented reality to help you arrange art from its collection on a photo of a wall in your home. (Photo: Screenshot courtesy of Artfully Walls)

Imagining your home filled with art

Artfully Walls lets you virtually arrange art in your home before purchase.

Decorating a home can be surprisingly difficult. Selecting paint colors for walls and choosing, let alone arranging, artwork, can be intimidating even for the most creative of us. One approach is to hire an interior decorator. Another is to go online. 

Artfully Walls features art from nearly 80 hand-picked artists, arranged on gallery walls. Customers can use the site’s tools to select and arrange artwork, and then use the app, currently available for iOS and due out on Android, to photograph a wall in their home and view their chosen art on it.

Each piece comes in a variety of sizes and is printed on archival quality paper, unframed or framed with or without a 3” matte. Gallery walls offer four framing choices. “We have found that these are our most popular frames,” Cathy Glazer, CEO and founder of the Israel-based app, told The Grapevine, “and don't want to overwhelm the majority of our users by offering too many default options.” What is unique about the site, and especially the app, is that users can see exactly what they’ve chosen in the setting they want before making a purchase.

The website itself has a few other nifty aids for decorating. Each gallery wall comes with a specific paint color or wallpaper suggestion and instructions on how to hang the art to achieve the same look. Walls are categorized by mood and style, type of room and price, to make searching easier. Some galleries are put together by guests, like Smart Art for Your Bare Walls, a collection curated by the design team at Better Homes and Gardens.

The Wall Designer Tool, which offers seven framing choices, also features a large selection of Benjamin Moore wall paint colors. And the site now gives even more specific decorating suggestions. Said Glazer, “We have a new feature – inspiration boards which showcase entire looks that can go with the specific gallery wall.” Boards like those on the Cultivated, Contemporary, Cool or Poetic Walls offer both inspiration and details on specific pieces of furniture that inspired the wall designer in the first place.

Once a user saves selections to My Favorites or My Designed Walls, they become available to the Try on Your Wall button and the app, where they can be integrated into an actual photo. Glazer enjoys watching it all come together. “People do purchase entire walls as they are showcased on the site,” she noted, but they can also purchase individual prints. Still, “our gallery walls also serve as an inspiration for people to build their own gallery walls. This, along with our Wall Designer Tool, lets people feel that they can experiment in a ‘risk free’ environment [and] results in unique and beautiful collections that people put together based on their individual style.” Altogether, she added, “it is a very exciting process to see.”

While Artfully Walls is based in Israel, Glazer and her colleague, Shira Galili-Berman, are constantly traveling to the U.S. Not only is it their main market, but it is also where prints are made. “Our artists are from Israel, Canada and the U.S,” said Glazer. But distance doesn’t preclude individual attention. “Each artist that appears on the site was hand-picked, and each piece on the site is also selected by our curators.”

Marrying technology with art made sense, according to Galili-Berman. “We wanted to create a site that would combine great artists with the finest quality prints and make art approachable and affordable," she told The Grapevine. "We decided to focus on gallery walls and art groupings, because we felt that on one hand people are drawn to this, but they are also intimidated by the complexity of creating one on their own.”


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Imagining your home filled with art
Artfully Walls lets you virtually arrange art in your home before purchase.