Professor lectures his students in classroom. Professor lectures his students in classroom. A new app allows users to view and rate professors with the swipe of their fingers. (Photo: Lucky Business / Shutterstock)

Innovative app allows you to easily rate professors

With only a few swipes, GradeBack helps you leave feedback on courses from universities around the world.

In a digital world filled with daily swiping to achieve all sorts of tasks, it makes sense that someone would finally get around to combining the power of the thumb with the classic course evaluation form.

Besides signaling the end of another semester and the beginning of summer, evaluation forms are also a wonderful opportunity to provide feedback on course content, value and a professor's teaching style. But for all the satisfaction gained in filling them out, much is lost after we hand them in. Do any of our comments actually make it beyond the professor's desk? Will future classes benefit at all from such feedback?

That shared concern among students worldwide is what inspired Israeli startup Cloudents to develop a new app called GradeBack. Harnessing the power of the swipe that makes other apps like the dating-focused Tinder or the style-heavy Blynk so easy to use, GradeBack is one of the first mobile offerings to place course feedback in the palm of your hand.

GradeBackThe GradeBack layout makes it easy to view and provide feedback on professors and their courses. (Photo: GradeBack)

Just how easy is it? After registering with the app via Google or Facebook, the GradeBack software automatically identifies what institution you attend and pulls relevant professors for your course of study. The app has nearly 2 million educators in its database from colleges and universities around the world, from Harvard University in Cambridge to Bar-Ilan University in Tel Aviv.

After that, browsing through the listed professors is as easy as swiping to the left or right. Want to share your own experiences? GradeBack makes that easy – with built-in anonymity to encourage honest feedback.

GradeBackWith more than 1.8 million professors from around the world in GradeBack's database, it's easy to share feedback on professors you've had or learn more about those you're interested in. (Photo: GradeBack)

Not only have students been flocking to GradeBack to contribute their opinion, students are also using it to scope out prospective classes. Each professor and their corresponding course contains helpful feedback covering everything from difficulty level to attendance strictness and attitude toward students.

Michael Chelus, an adjunct instructor at Bryant and Stratton College in Buffalo, New York, thinks the app is an excellent idea. "Rarely do teacher evaluations get shared with prospective students," he told From The Grapevine. "This type of feedback is invaluable for students when deciding on courses based on their professor."

Check out a video of GradeBack in action below:


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Innovative app allows you to easily rate professors
With only a few swipes, GradeBack helps you leave feedback on courses from universities around the world.