Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Glass Bridge Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Glass Bridge The Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Glass Bridge (Photo: Haim Dotan)

Watch a reporter whack a glass bridge panel with a sledgehammer

The stunt in China confirmed the safety of the world's longest and highest glass pedestrian bridge.

As if walking across a bridge suspended 1,000 feet over a canyon isn't scary enough, officials in China's Hunan province had the brilliant idea of making the pathway out of transparent glass panels.

The bridge in question, the Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon bridge, is set to open next month. Designed by Israeli architect Haim Dotan, whose firm is known for boundary pushing designs, including this IMAX 3D movie theater in Eilat, Israel, it will be the world's highest and longest glass bridge at 1,400 feet long and 980 feet high.

As it turns out, China is actually no stranger to glass bridges. Unfortunately, accidents like the cracking of Yuntaishan glass bridge last year have made potential pedestrians wary of the gimmick.

To calm fears and ease concerns, officials in charge of the bridge's construction invited BBC reporter Dan Simmons to carry out a safety test – in other words, go at one of the glass panels with a sledgehammer. Well, just see the results for yourself:



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