PowerXtend can prolong the life of a cell phone battery by 20 percent. PowerXtend can prolong the life of a cell phone battery by 20 percent. PowerXtend can prolong the life of a cell phone battery by 20 percent. (Photo: Georgejmclittle/Shutterstock)

Your phone battery is lasting longer, and this is why

New software gives Android devices staying power without limiting functionality.

If your Android smartphone's battery has been lasting longer recently, it's probably not because you're using it any less, or because it's outfitted with a brand new, long-lasting battery. Rather, it's quite possibly the result of PowerXtend, a technology developed by Israeli company LucidLogix that can increase your phone's battery life by up to 20 percent

PowerXtend has been built into more than 150 million Android devices already, but it raised its profile considerably earlier this year at the Flagship Smartphones Battery Life Challenge in China. It took first place, lasting a whopping 7 hours and 4 minutes while being used to play the game "Need for Speed." It beat out such heavyweights as the Nexus 6P, which shut down after only 3 hours and 29 minutes playing the game, and the iPhone 6s Plus, whose battery ran out a full 16 minutes before the PowerXtend-powered phone.

In addition to endurance, PowerXtend's strength lies in the fact that it doesn't require the usual risky tradeoffs for increased battery power: bigger, pricier phones.

Adina Shorr, a graduate of Tel Aviv University in Israel, is LucidLogix's CEO. "Higher battery capacity does not always imply longer operating time, and also comes with a toll of increased weight, space and cost," she said following the Battery Life Challenge.

And while it's true there are apps you can buy that extend battery life by limiting the functionality of the phone, like turning off the cellular network or GPS, PowerXtend's effectiveness isn't contingent on limiting the phone's features.

"Lucid's PowerXtend power saving software extends device battery life by optimizing device processing for various apps and content, without compromise to functionality," Schorr said.

PowerXtend isn't just a one-trick pony, either. Another benefit of its integration into your smartphone is that it reduces the amount of heat released from the device when data-heavy apps like Waze are being used.

So until the ever-evasive "super battery" becomes a reality, expect PowerXtend to be powering your Android phone.


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