Kado Wallet device charger front and back Kado Wallet device charger front and back The Kado Wallet charger is as thin as three credit cards and can be carried seamlessly in your wallet. (Photo: Kado)

This super-thin phone charger can fit in your wallet

Finally, charging all those devices doesn't require unwieldy wires and bulky ports.

We see you. You've got all the latest gadgets. Smartphone, tablet, fitness tracker, wireless earbuds, sleek laptop. No one is more mobile than you. You are fully ready to go at a moment's notice. You could write the book on being mobile – only you'd write it with a stylus, on your iPad, using only emojis, while you're jumping into your Uber that's driving you to your coworking space.

But ... wait, what's that? You're at 3% battery life? And you forgot your rucksack with your 15 chargers inside? Hold all your calls. In fact, hold everything.

You're in device purgatory.

Lucky for you, someone out there has a solution for you. It's Kado, Israel-based makers of an ultra-thin, ultra-portable charger that fits in your wallet and keeps itself neatly folded up until you're ready to use it.


The genesis of this genius lies in two young entrepreneurs, Itay Hasid and Daniel Assis, who are no strangers to smartphone charging technology. The two have already founded and sold one startup, called Batteryfly Energy, which sells a disposable charger for mobile devices.

smartphone chargerThe mobeego disposable phone charger offers a convenient and long-lasting backup for your smartphone. (Photo: mobeego)

Now, they're back and sleeker than ever with Kado. Hasid, a graduate of Afeka Tel Aviv Academic College of Engineering and a former manager at Israel Aerospace Industries, said the company's ultimate aim is to end the "vicious cycle of the inverse relationship in which smartphones and tablets need faster charging to increase their mobility, which ironically leads chargers to be more cumbersome and less mobile." He sees Kado as a pioneer in setting "a new standard of power conversion," replacing current bulky chargers with compact alternatives suited for today's mobile lifestyle.

The Kado Wallet on display at CES in January.The Kado Wallet on display at CES in January. (Photo: Kado)

"When we can carry a smartphone charger in our wallet, we’ve solved the question whether to take the charger with us or not," Hasid said.

Kado has already received widespread interest after debuting at the CES exhibition in Las Vegas last month. Next up is the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in early March. After that, Hasid and Assis say they're gearing up to start selling the chargers from their website later this year.


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This super-thin phone charger can fit in your wallet
A super-thin phone charger that can fit in a wallet is the answer to wire overload.