WeWork Moorgate London WeWork Moorgate London The WeWork office in the Moorgate section of London is the largest co-working space in the world, at over 166,000 square feet. (Photo: Courtesy of WeWork)

Just how big is the world's largest coworking facility?

WeWork opened a massive space in London, and it's bigger than 3 White Houses.

When we heard that WeWork, the company that has opened entrepreneurial-minded co-working spaces in a number of different cities, was opening the world's largest co-working facility in London, we had to look at the stats.

According to reports, the new London branch of WeWork clocks in at eight floors and a staggering 166,038 square feet. That's enough space to house 3,100 people looking to create the Next Big Thing. “We happen to need buildings just like Uber happens to need cars, just like Airbnb happens to need apartments,” WeWork co-founder Adam Neumann, an Israeli entrepreneur, told the Wall Street Journal.

Just how big is 166,038 square feet? Well, imagine that space was in one story instead of eight. Using the "size of a football field" metric, that's about the size of three of them, not including the stands, locker rooms and pretzel vendors. But there are other ways to measure this space as well. So, for fun, let's give you some numbers to show you just how big this space is:

166,038 sq ft = 13 CVS stores

CVS stoieImagine a space the size of about 13 CVS stores. No lines to buy vitamins! (Photo: Courtesy of CVS)

The average CVS store is about 13,000 square feet. So imagine if there were no lines to get your prescriptions or to buy that emergency pack of diapers. But a CVS that big would run out of different kinds of vitamins to sell at some point, wouldn't it?

166,038 sq ft = 2,214 office cubicles

CubiclesYou don't want to know how many cubicles can fit in the new WeWork facility in London. (Photo: Blend Images/Shutterstock)

The average worker's office space is estimated at around 75 square feet. So the number of cubicles that can fit in WeWork's London space is an amazing stat, isn't it? It's probably the reason why folks like Neumann think the wide-open spaces WeWork have designed encourages collaboration.

166,038 sq ft = 3 White Houses

White HouseEven the White House is dwarfed by the new WeWork office in London. (Photo: Orhan Cam/Shutterstock)

The President's house is 54,900 square feet. This includes the west wing, the east wing, the residence and every other office in the complex.

166,038 sq ft = 62 regular houses

McMansionEven though we live large in the U.S., you can still fit about 60 of these houses at the new WeWork in London. (Photo: karamysh/Shutterstock)

The average size of a house in the U.S. is 2,679 square feet (really!). Of course, we could also fit 120 or more non-McMansions or 220 New York City apartments into the WeWork London office. But any way you slice it, the numbers are impressive.


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Just how big is the world's largest coworking facility?
WeWork opened a massive space in London. It's definitely bigger than 3 White Houses.