Jolt's founders are (from L to R): Nadav Leshem, Nitzan Cohen arazi and Roie Deutsch. Jolt's founders are (from L to R): Nadav Leshem, Nitzan Cohen arazi and Roie Deutsch. Jolt's founders are (from left to right): Nadav Leshem, Nitzan Cohen Arazi and Roie Deutsch. (Photo: Jolt)

Booking a motivational speaker is now as easy as hailing a cab

Jolt eliminates the hassles of hiring business professionals as guest speakers.

The business world moves at warp speed, a pace that demands a constantly plugged in workforce attuned to the trends of the market. Companies spend billions a year in the United States alone to assure this, but it's no easy task.

One way employers and managers educate employees is through online videos, or even Ted Talks. But there's the matter of packaged knowledge quickly becoming out of date, along with the fact that many employees aren't keen on spending even more time attached to their computers.

Instructional talks from experts are another popular learning tool, but coordination and planning can prove difficult and time consuming. Well they used to, at least.

Jolt is an Israeli startup that grants employees access to top executives and industry experts on demand while removing the many logistical difficulties companies encounter when booking guest speakers.

"Jolt allows you to put your employees in a room and then book a talk from the best professionals on Earth," Jolt co-founder and CEO Roie Deutsch told From The Grapevine.

There's a little more to it, but not much. All employers and managers need to do is request the speaker and Jolt does the rest. While the turnaround isn't quite as fast as it would be hailing an Uber, it's not out of the question for the process to take as little as three days from start to finish.

Deutsch founded Jolt along with friends Nitzan Cohen Arazi and Nadav Leshem. Currently in beta mode but set for a full launch in September, Jolt has so far signed on speakers – termed "Jolters" – with high level positions at companies such as Coca Cola, The Aspen Institute, Wix, Lyft and Yelp.

"What we've learned is that the best way to stay up to date is by drinking the water straight from the fountain – learning directly from people who are front and center in the industry," explained Deutsch.

"Millennials, especially, find anything and anyone not directly connected to what they're talking about to be suspect," he added.

Many "Jolters" can be booked just days in advance of their speaking with teams via video link.Many "Jolters" can be booked just days in advance of their speaking with teams via video link. (Photo: Jolt)

Part of Jolt's pitch is the sincerity of the Jolters. Being a polished public speaker isn't one of the criteria they are judged by, and the atmosphere is meant to reflect an exchange rather than a lecture.

"They're not professional speakers. They are professionals that speak," Deutsch told us. "Part of the appeal is that the employees can ask questions and interact with the speakers."

Deutsch and Cohen Azari are currently based in Palo Alto and San Francisco, respectively, while Leshem remains in the coastal Mediterranean city of Tel Aviv, Israel. The company now has six full time employees and a recent round of funding has the company in overdrive pulling in more speakers ready to give the working world, well, a jolt.


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