taga 2.0 family bike taga 2.0 family bike The Taga 2.0 is perfect for families who like to bike everywhere rather than drive. (Photo: Taga Bikes)

Brilliant new bike design puts family front and center

The new Taga 2.0 holds kids, pets and cargo, and is remarkably affordable.

What do you look for in a bicycle? Comfort, durability, affordability, ease of use, practicality, safety? Probably all of the above, right?

It was those principles that led Netherlands-based Taga Bikes to develop a bike stroller in 2009, which they now call Taga 1.0. It seemed to fit the needs of every potential customer – except in the affordability department. In short, people dug it, but it was too expensive.

Israeli Hagai Barak, the company's CEO, took to the bike's Kickstarter page to explain their new goals. "While widely loved, we knew the Taga 1.0 and other cargo/family bikes were not affordable for everybody, so we worked hard to reduce the cost, without compromising the quality or the features."

That became the basis for Taga's next-generation invention, the Taga 2.0. It's a three-wheeled bike with a cargo bin in front that's endlessly customizable – you can hold just about anything in it, and add accessories, colors and features to make it your own. It's a bike for you and everyone and everything you travel with: kids, pets, cargo, groceries, you name it.

And just in the last couple of days, the new bike has raised $1.2 million on Kickstarter. That's 1001% of their original goal of $100,000. Did you even know percentages went that high?

This video may help explain why the bike has raked in so much support:


There seems to be a real need and high demand for this bike. Traffic has prompted many city dwellers to give up their cars in favor of biking, walking and public transportation. People want family bikes more than ever, and they don't want the kids strapped in behind them. Taga is basically half bike, half stroller, with plenty of add-ons like a canopy, mud guards and a special cushion for infants. You can even turn it into an electric bike.

CEO Barak, a graduate of Tel Aviv University in Israel, wants to reassure people about the bike's three-wheeled structure. "It is much safer to ride a tricycle than riding a regular bike, especially with kids," he told Fast Co.Exist, which called Taga 2.0 "the minivan of bikes."

A big draw for families, he said, is the position of the child seats. They're at the front of the bike, so parent and child can talk, interact, blow bubbles at each other, have a water gun fight (another available add-on)... and the kid doesn't have a perpetual view of Mom's lower back for the duration of the ride. (Though I'm sure Mom's back is very lovely.)

What's more, the bike's starting price of $599 puts it at a fraction of the cost of many other family bikes on the market. The Nihola family cargo bike, for example, which has a front bin with space for two small children, retails for about $4,200 on Bikemania.

The obvious follow-up question is, where can you get one of these? Well, shipping's not scheduled to begin until October. But in the meantime, you can participate in the Kickstarter campaign to have your very own "minivan of bikes" delivered to your door. Follow the directions in the video below:



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Brilliant new bike design puts family front and center
The new Taga 2.0 bike has raised more than a million dollars in 2 days. Must be pretty special, right?