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How you laugh online says a lot about you

Facebook study finds out what hahas, hehes, lols and emojis reveal about the people using them.

Do you prefer LOL? Haha? This thing: Laughing fish?

How you laugh online can reveal a lot about you. Social media giant Facebook conducted a new study, led by Tel Aviv University alumnus Udi Weinsberg, in which researchers analyzed posts to discover how their users like to laugh. Here's some of what they found:

If you're a man

You like hahas and hehes. Haha is "the one closest to ‘normal' English and thus requires no other language knowledge, unlike ‘lol' and 'emoji’," David Westerman, a professor at North Dakota State University who studies non-verbal cues over social networks, told From The Grapevine.

If you're a woman

You're all about emojis. And a bit partial to lols. Maybe the stereotypes are true, and women know more about language. Or maybe we're just better at laughing out loud. fox

If you're a West Coaster

You're haha-ing and hehe-ing all the way to the beach, you tanned, kale-eating, easygoing, stereotypical individual, you. (By the way, if you want to hear that surfer fish dude laugh, have we got a treat for you.)

If you're a Southern gentleman

Forrest GumpThe Facebook sticker store is like a box of chocolates. Once you try one, you're hooked. (Photo: Screenshot/Youtube)

You're always Laughing Out Loud (LOL) at that stuff Northerners call ice tea.

If you're from Chicago or New York

Grandpa Phil always occasionally had good advice for the short man. Grandpa Phil occasionally had good advice for the short man. (Photo: Screenshot/Youtube)

Words don't do justice to the colorful characters that inhabit the Windy city or the big apple.

If you're in charge of picking the next president

2016 candidates, be prepared to be laughed at. Presidential battleground states Ohio and Virginia are both into the haha.

If you're older

Back to the Future#NotMyDoc (Photo: Screenshot/Youtube

You keep it retro with lol.

If you're younger

finger paintingYou'll be interested in this study once you figure out what happens to things that rolls behind other things. (Photo:

You're all about the pictures, possibly because you don't actually know your words yet. Now go back to finger painting.


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