Moojis takes emojis to a new, more personalized level. Moojis takes emojis to a new, more personalized level. Moojis takes emojis to a new, more personalized level. (Photo: Moojis)

How to turn your selfies into emojis for free

Video shows how Moojis app makes it possible to create your own crazy characters.

More than 6 billion emojis are sent every day.

But while apps like Bitmoji have tried to customize the experience with cartoonish avatars, apps offering personalized emojis have largely remained vanity items. They're sold by celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Kevin Hart, whose marketability can justify the investment needed for development.

A new app, Moojis, is set to change all that. The first product of Panimood, a company founded earlier this year by three Israeli entrepreneurs, it takes the personalized emoji to a whole new level by allowing anyone to turn their selfies into emojis.

Available in iOS and Android, the app has eight free built-in Moojis, with additional Mojis available as paid upgrades.

An added bonus is that since Moojis are sent as photos, instead of regular emojis, recipients don't need to have the app themselves to view the images.

Panimood touts the app as something of an integration of three separate forms of ideogrammatic communication: emojis, selfies and stickers – and thus far it's been a hit.

Moojis has been so popular in its home country of Israel that it took only three days to go to the top of that country's Apple app store charts, no small feat considering the breadth of innovation that's churned out there daily.

And though it started in Israel, Moojis is available worldwide now. And it shouldn't have a hard time finding an audience, seeing as it allows everyone to add a bit of fun to their "happy face."


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