hoover dam in nevada with a mussel problem hoover dam in nevada with a mussel problem The Hoover Dam has a mussel problem, and a company has a solution. (Photo: Rocket Photos / Shutterstock)

How the Hoover Dam is putting muscle into its mussel problem

Mussels are preventing the dam from making energy, and an Israeli company has a solution.

Humans: 1. Mussels: 0.

That's the score, thanks to new technology at the Hoover Dam and Lake Mead in Nevada. The American dam is about to start using water technology made by an Israeli tech company to get rid of Asian mussels. It's truly a global world.

That all sounds a little harsh for the mussels, but they apparently clog up up water cooling systems. This messes with the dam's ability to produce electricity, which is kind of the whole point of having a dam. Besides, they're not native. Scientists believe they migrated to the Americas from Asia (like us!).

quagga musselsQuagga mussels can take over water systems. (Photo: Dave Britton/USFWS/Flickr)

"The presence of the quagga mussel in Lake Mead is a primary concern because of the threat to water delivery and power reliability," wrote Atlantium, the Israeli company making the purification technology, in a press release.

The technology uses UV light to destroy the mussels' repair systems. This technology was designed by a team chock full of grads from Israel's Technion and Tel Aviv University, leading universities in the country. The company plans on starting the installation process in October.

Mussels: you have been warned.


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