father's day gifts father's day gifts Need gift idea for Father's Day? These five high-tech gadgets are a great place to start! (Photo: Andresr /Shutterstock)

High-tech fantasy gifts for Dad

From aerial drones to slick urban scooters, here are 5 gadgets sure to make Dad smile from ear to ear.

The toolset is complete, the tie rack is full, and the bar is freshly stocked. What's the next thing to get Dad to thank him for being the best ever? We've compiled five ridiculously awesome gifts – some available now, others soon, and all worthy of the father in your life who loves a good high-tech gadget. Check them all out below – and Happy Father's Day!

Inu Urban Scooter

When the Inu scooter is parked, it turns itself into a WiFi hotspot.When the Inu scooter is parked, it turns itself into a WiFi hotspot. (Photo: Green Ride)

If your iPhone could transform into a personal scooter, the Inu would likely be the outcome. This snazzy urban scooter, capable of reaching speeds up to 15 mph, features an on-board computer, integrated Wi-Fi hotspot, GPS tracker, and can sync to a smartphone to link with your various social media accounts. Green Ride, the Israel-based company behind the Inu, also made its scooter workplace-friendly: With just one click, it elegantly folds up into a suitcase.

"Our intention is it's your friend in the city, and it's loyal," Nadav Attias, co-founder of Green Ride, told From The Grapevine. "It goes with you all the time, and you take it with you wherever you can go." The Inu is expected to go on sale in the U.S. and Europe in early 2016, with pre-order available now.

DJI Inspire 1 Drone

inspire 1 droneThe DJI Inspire 1 is capable of 4K video and altitudes above 14,000 feet. (Photo: DJI)

From capturing cliff-side dwellings to waves crashing along sandy shores, aerial drones offer an incredible view of the world that any father would enjoy experiencing. One of the best prosumer models you can purchase right now is the Inspire 1 from Chinese drone manufacturer DJI. Capable of capturing 4K video and 12 megapixel images, the Inspire can stay aloft for almost 20 minutes and soar to a dizzying 14,000 feet. It also features auto take-off and landing, live HD video streaming, and a convenient return-to-home button. In other words, everything Dad needs for the next generation of family home videos.

Augmented Reality Ski Goggles

High-tech goggles can help skiers better see the slopes.High-tech goggles can help skiers better see the slopes. (Photo: RideOn)

With augmented reality headsets about to become the next big thing in entertainment, it only makes sense that ski goggles would receive similar treatment. Enter the RideOn goggles – a ridiculously tricked out piece of eye protection that also features an HD video camera, wireless functions, navigation, weather reports and games – all projected in front of you as if they were really there. Even better, the RideOn is voice- and hands-free, with navigation controlled exclusively using a system that tracks your eye movements.

The technology's co-founders, based in Israel, recently closed a hugely successful crowdfunding campaign for the RideOn and plan to bring it to market later this year. Pre-orders are now available.

Worx Landroid Robotic Mower

Worx LandroidThe Worx Landroid will obediently work day and night to make sure you have the best-cut lawn in the neighborhood. (Photo: Worx)

While no one wants to see robots take over the world, we're pretty sure Dad won't mind if they take over mowing the lawn. The Landroid, from North Carolina-based lawn and garden tool maker Worx, is a programmable, electric mower that runs 7 days a week to give your lawn a manicured look. Simply lay down the included perimeter wire, and this little robotic mower will get to work mowing everything within it. When batteries run low, the Landroid will autonomously return to its charging station, power up, and then get right back to work. It's even quiet enough to mow the lawn at night – and, should any of the neighbors become too envious, features a built-in alarm.

Moxie Wireless Shower Head Speaker

Moxie Wireless Shower HeadThe Moxie Wireless Shower Head Speaker will give you about 7 hours worth of tunes on a single charge. (Photo: Kohler)

Designed for all those who either enjoy singing – or simply moving along – to some good tunes in the shower, comes the Moxie wireless shower head from American plumbing giant Kohler. All Dad needs to do is swap out the old showerhead and replace it with the Moxie. The included Bluetooth speaker docks easily in the middle of the new showerhead using magnets – and just as quickly pops out when it's time for a charge. As a bonus, the Bluetooth speaker can also work anywhere outside of the bathroom, so Dad can blast his tunes at home or in the backyard.


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High-tech fantasy gifts for Dad
From aerial drones to slick urban scooters, here are 5 gadgets sure to make Dad smile from ear to ear.