An iPhone 6 smartphone stands on display inside an Apple Store in Paris. An iPhone 6 smartphone stands on display inside an Apple Store in Paris. An iPhone 6 smartphone stands on display inside an Apple Store in Paris. (Photo: Hadrian / Shutterstock)

Here’s why your iPhone camera is about to get a whole lot better

Apple's new technology allows smartphones to act like professional cameras.

Apple fans worldwide are eagerly anticipating next week's arrival of the company's smartwatch. But there's another development just around the corner that will have Apple devotees looking to get their hands on the next version of the iPhone as well. The computer giant is acquiring LinX Computational Imaging Ltd, an Israel-based company that produces innovative cameras for smartphones and tablets.

LinX was founded in 2011 and last year revealed that it had successfully developed ways for users to get better quality pictures in situations with poor lighting. The company says its technology also features automatic background removal, better focusing and even facial recognition. Its smartphone lenses are said to be of the same quality as more bulky, single-lens reflex (SLR) cameras.

"I mostly use SLR cameras for my work, but I'm happy to see Apple is moving in this direction," Atlanta-based photographer Fernando Decillis told From The Grapevine. "Once this technology is in the new iPhone, I look forward to being able to use my smartphone more as part of my work."

LinX was co-founded by Andrey Tovchigrechko, an engineer from Samsung, and Ziv Attar, a computer scientist from the Technion institute of Technology in Haifa, Israel.

This is just the latest development in Apple's growing relationship with Israel. In addition to the LinX deal, Apple has acquired three other Israeli tech companies since 2011 – spanning everything from memory chips to 3D sensors for video games. And earlier this year, Apple opened a new headquarters in Israel. Apple now has 700 employees in the country, making it the company's largest research and development office outside the United States.


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