Music Messenger. Music Messenger. Music Messenger's app allows users to send songs to contacts. (Photo: Music Messenger)

A messaging app that will move you

Music Messenger allows users to personalize playlists and send songs to contacts.

When words fail, music speaks.

A new app called Music Messenger bills itself as a "fast, fun and easy way to create playlists and send music to one another." Aside from providing that all-important workout playlist or even a great party soundtrack, the app is perfect for those times when human contact is impossible – you can't be with the ones you love, you've got back-to-back meetings all day, or life has just been thrust out of balance – and that one song is just what you need to brighten your day.

After downloading the app for free on Android or Apple devices, users can choose from millions of songs in the app's extensive database, create and search through playlists, and send and receive songs to contacts. Users can also choose cover photos and lay text over them, to personalize the message.

After launching seven months ago, the app is quickly gaining a substantial user base, with almost a million downloads a month (that's around 35,000 a day) and a comfy spot on the App Store's Top 25 in 50 countries. It also boasts a crop of key music power players – Nicki Minaj, and David Guetta, to name a few – as investors.

What sets Music Messenger apart from other streaming services, co-founder David Strauss said, is that it taps into millions of open-source music libraries across the entire World Wide Web. "Everything you can find on YouTube, Yahoo, SoundCloud and others, you can find in our app, in one place," Strauss told From The Grapevine. "Pretty much every song in the world is available through Music Messenger.

"People can create playlists and libraries, and if they want, they can message them," he continued. "So in that way, we're pretty unique."

Music Messenger playlists.   Music Messenger playlists. (Photo: Music Messenger)

And the best part? It's totally free. No ads, no subscription, no fees. "Music lovers around the world really like that."

The app is the brainchild of four Israeli friends who have been working together for the past decade – David Strauss, Shai Azran, Uzi Refaeli and O.D. Kobo – and now comprise the company's executive board. The company employs 18 people in a small office in the Israeli coastal town of Herzliya.

Strauss, Music Messenger's head of business development, said the app fills a need in the tech industry that other apps lack – the ability for users to send songs to each other.

"When we launched, there really was no way to send music from one person to another," he said. "The only way it's ever done is to copy YouTube links and WhatsApp them to one another, and that's a whole different experience." With Music Messenger, the "Internet of music" is accessed through one click.

"YouTube is a great source for music, but people don't really go to the gym listening to a YouTube song on their phone," he said. "Although I can listen to music on it, it is not my music player. Where we come in is by allowing users to create playlists and keep the music going."

Music Messenger's investorsMusic Messenger's investors include rapper Nicki Minaj, producer David Guetta and DJ Avicii. (Photo: Music Messenger)

"I think it’s an amazing and simple way to send music," Sebastian Ingrosso, a world-renowned DJ, music producer and member of the EDM supergroup Swedish House Mafia, said on Music Messenger's website. "The way you can make it personal by adding pictures and text to it is genius, and this is just the beginning."


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A messaging app that will move you
Music Messenger allows users to personalize playlists and send songs to contacts.