Glide smartwatch Glide smartwatch Video messaging is an easy way to communicate on a smartwatch. (Photo: Courtesy Glide)

With debut of Apple Watch, one app sees lots of potential

Video messaging looks to take off on a device without a keyboard.

Fans of the new Apple Watch got their first peek at the highly-anticipated device on Friday. The company began taking orders online, and customers could start testing out the device in Apple stores worldwide.

When they do become available, the Apple Watch promises to make several everyday tasks easier including reminding you of upcoming appointments, paying for groceries using Apple Pay and keeping track of how many steps you walk each day. But one app maker is hoping you'll be using the device for something else: Video messaging.

Israel-based Glide, whose smartphone app has caught on among couples in long distance relationships, is about to launch its app for the Apple Watch.

"We are very bullish on the smartwatch," Ari Roisman, the co-founder and CEO of Glide, told From The Grapevine. "There's no keyboard on a watch. So texting doesn't make sense. It's a much more natural experience where you can just tap and talk."

That's where Glide comes in. The 31-year old Roisman, a Philadelphia native, created Glide to keep in touch with friends in America after he moved to Israel. Unlike Skype, where you have to schedule a time with the other person, Glide allows you to easily leave video messages for friends and family.

"Video messaging on smartwatches will deliver the ultimate convenience in personal communications, eliminating the need to repeatedly reach into one’s pocket to pull out a smartphone," says Roisman.

Roisman thinks that within a few years, the first device that parents will buy for their children will be a smartwatch because of the potential safety features. "If it's removed from the child's wrist, an alarm will sound, the parent will be notified," he says. "It will act as a safety device. It'll have GPS tracking so a parent will know where a child is. A child as young as 2 or 3 years old will be able to tap on their watch and just talk and communicate with their parent." Moreover, it won't run the risk of easily getting lost.

Whether it's used by parents, kids or just friends looking to stay in touch, the Apple Watch is already getting people excited that a Dick Tracy-style watch has finally become a reality. The device is the company's first new consumer product in five years – and the first since the passing of iconic Apple founder Steve Jobs. The watch officially goes on sale April 24.


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With debut of Apple Watch, one app sees lots of potential
Video messaging looks to take off on a device without a keyboard.