The Smart Glass can make all your beer-drinking dreams come true. The Smart Glass can make all your beer-drinking dreams come true. The Smart Glass can make all your beer-drinking dreams come true. (Photo: Glassify)

This glass could earn you free beers

A new smart beer glass can earn you free pints, food discounts and other cool stuff.

If someone were to tell you on your next trip to the bar that the more you drink the more free drinks you'll get, you would probably accuse them of being drunk. But caution: you may offend them, because what they say is true.

This magical scenario is all thanks to Glassify, an Israeli startup that has created the Smart Glass – a glass with a smart chip embedded at the bottom of it – and corresponding smartphone app that takes the meaning of social drinking way beyond small talk at the local pub.

It works like this: Order your drink in the Smart Glass, then scan the chip with your app. From there the discounts roll in.

So for example, if you order a pint of Guinness, the company could send you a coupon for a new beer they are promoting, offer a pint as a "Thank You" for your patronage, and so on.

The promotions received are personalized based on where and how much you drink. The app also remembers what you ordered and will offer targeted discounts on your favorite drinks. The more scans, the more offers you get.

While the app probably satisfies all your own personal wishes, it also allows you to satisfy those of your friends too, who, if they have the app, can receive free drink vouchers from you (and vice versa!).

Though not yet in widespread use, recent pilot programs carried out by Glassify in Israel, Europe and Asia are encouraging. The company said 80 percent of the beers served in bars got scanned. It also just wrapped pilot programs in the United States it said were promising.

Drinkers aren't the only ones set to benefit, either. Bar owners will, too. The pilot program saw a 13% increase in sales.

The app, available on iOS and Android, will only operate with the corresponding Smart Glass, so it would seem that the next time your bartender asks "What'll it be?" the most logical reply would be "The Smart Glass, please."


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