Rwanda has received its first utility-scale solar energy project  Rwanda has received its first utility-scale solar energy project Energiya Global has brought its solar technology to U.S. shores.

Partnership powers Georgia's first solar energy field

Groundbreaking project will produce enough electricity for 8,500 homes.

Georgia took a big step toward reaching its solar potential Friday when Georgia Power, the state's largest electric utility provider, set up its first commercial-scale solar field. Officials say the field will be officially interconnected within a month.

The 59-acre solar power field in Glynn County, Georgia is the product of a partnership between Georgia Power and Energiya Global, an Israeli solar energy company, through it's American division, Energiya USA. Energiya Global is no stranger to big projects, recently bringing solar power to Rwanda.

The company is headed by Yosef Abromowitz, one of the solar industry's most influential figures — and also the author of this very cool drone video of the Glynn County field:

The inauguration was no small occasion considering Georgia is one of the few eastern states (along with South Carolina and Florida) that have been identified as having good "solar-potential," that is, the state has enough sunlight to provide energy on a large scale.

Energiya USA’s $30 million plant will generate 22 megawatts at full capacity, company president David M. Herskovits said, enough to power 8,500 homes.


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